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3 insider tips to increase the click through rate on affiliate links

3 insider tips to increase the click through rate on affiliate links

3 insider tips to increase the click through rate on affiliate links

What use a 10.20 or even 100 readers of an article, if the article does not convert.

In this article I give tips on how to increase the click through rate on its affiliate links. Some tips are quick to implement, others are more time-consuming.

Tip # 1: Offer Useful Information on Affiliate Pages

Example 1:  Recommend a product that you own 

You write an article in the form of a test report about it. The following information should include the article:

  • What problem has the product solved for you?
  • Which problem does this product generally solve for the respective target group.
  • What advantages and disadvantages does the product have? You can also compare it to competing products.

You should pay particular attention to this:

  • Pick up the strongest argument for the final.
  • Put less emphasis on recommending the product to get a commission.
  • Instead, put customer value in the foreground.
  • The partner link call at the very end, z. Eg with a:
    “further information (is available) under”

Example 2: Recommend a product that you do not know or own.

Ask the seller of the product if they can interview him.

This interview is then about the product. No salesperson will say “no” if time permits and your affiliate site is already generating traffic.

The best are questions that potential customers face before buying.

And questions that lure the interviewee from the reserve. Get him to talk out of the sewing box. In the end this will provide the necessary added value of the interview.

The product vendor benefits as well. He raises his reach and positions himself once more as an expert in his field.

At the right place, for example at the end of the interview, you then place the link to the respective sales page (do not forget the affiliate link 😉).

Tip # 2: Use “Fata Morgana” videos

If a partner program operator offers a video on his sales page, you can take a screenshot of the video and place it as an image on the affiliate page. The image is then linked via the affiliate link to the respective sales page.

Here’s a good example of how to do that:

[…] The internet marketing scene is controversial. The majority denounce systems that can generate sums of 1,500 to 2,500 euros per month with a minimum effort of 2-3 hours per week. But is that really true? A marketer sees things differently and does not mince words to reveal the truth. Take a look at the video and take a look at the other side of the coin.

Now insert the screenshot of the video.

The effort to create such a simulated video window is low.

You make a screenshot during an interesting point (CTRL + “Print” button). Open Paint and press CTRL + V. The screenshot is now inserted in Paint. The next step is to search for a PLAY button using Google Image Search. ( Click here and it will show matching button).

This play button is stored on the hard disk and then placed in paint over the video. If you have Photoshop, of course, it does it.

The image is saved as a JPEG or PNG file and uploaded to the server. Then you include it by HTML code in the article.

Tip 3: Offer special thank-you bonuses

This method can only be used when applying for a product on which you yourself understand something. (On the other hand, you can also outsource this task.)

For example, suppose someone buys a product through their own referral link. Then you can give it as a thank you for example in e-book with additional information on this topic. Or you give him a small but informative video course. For this procedure to work, it is done as follows:

  1. First, you collect the e-mail address of the interested party with an e-mail marketing service (eg, click tip , GetResponse , Aweber ). As a further field you create a text field, in which the buyer his order no. or transaction ID.
  2. Then you set up an automatic response (for example via an autoresponder) by revealing the link to your own website, on which the interested party can then download the bonus or watch the video. This answer is set to 3 days after the one has registered.
  3. If somebody enters the newsletter now, you have 2 days to check if the order no. or transaction ID is displayed in the respective affiliate area.
    • If this is the case, you do not do anything and the bonus will be sent automatically after 3 days.
    • If this is not the case, simply delete one from the e-mail distribution list.


If you want to increase the clicks on your affiliate links, you can not help but turn your head and think about a strategy.

You should always put yourself in the target group:

  1. What are their biggest worries and needs?
  2. What are the biggest problems that can be solved by buying this product?
  3. What arguments hold most of the buyers from the purchase?
These questions should be answered. Then you can see which questions a product info page or an interview about a product must necessarily answer.

The task of an affiliate is to arouse curiosity and to get as many clicks as possible on the advertising material. The procedure with the father Morgana video is easier to implement.

Many people love videos. At least they like to watch videos. Therefore, it may be easier to achieve a high click rate in this way.

One should also cloak affiliate links. Because all the work was free, if you have edited TOP content and many visitors visit their own affiliate site, but then no one clicks, because the target audience have never seen such a link and do not know what to expect after the click. And besides, you always know how many people clicked on the links, because you always have a statistic on the Link Cloak, how many clicks there were.

If you still have one or the other tip in stock, please leave a comment below the article.

Thank you and good luck with the implementation. Affiliate Marketing rocks!

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