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6 tips for writing a HYPNOTIC grip 

6 tips for writing a HYPNOTIC grip 

Are you new to copywriting and you want to learn more about writing powerful hooks? Today, no matter what your product / service is there are many techniques for writing hypnotic hooks. Yes, because there are many rules behind the hit hooks. And here are some …

THE IMPERATIVES hypnotic grip

Using imperatives in your hooks is a good way to hypnotize your readers . Place an imperative and you can be sure that your reader will subconsciously submit to it. It’s simple and powerful. So … Do not hesitate to use them! Here are a few:  Writing a hypnotic call is not always easy.

Discover – Inspire – Learn – Start – Become – Win – Start – Let yourself – Live – Practice – Imagine – Take – Get – Master – Taste – Savor – Start – Expand – Listen – Own …

Pssst: Use also to encourage your prospect to register or buy your product see … All along your writing.


Most products / services offer an advantage and avoid a disadvantage (or more). For example :

Benefits obtained

How to play ALL the songs you like on the guitar in just 

1 week – Even if you do not know anything about music

OR in the form of:

Disadvantages avoided


Avoid hours and hours of terribly annoying exercises with 

a fast and efficient method

And what aspect are you most effective at? Which one do you prefer ?


There is no concrete rule on the size of a teaser. Of a general rule better are the short hooks . But long hooks can also be very effective. Some have been successful hooks for many years.

It is up to you to adapt to the products / services and the different types of communication. In a landing page hook for example, the short hooks are the most striking and the most effective.


Imagine … You arrive in front of a person who has just started his business and you start talking to him about your offer. You compliment the benefits of your product and put them forward in this way …

“Storytelling is a very powerful technique that will increase your conversion rate to no longer believe your eyes! ”

… It’s good ! But there is a problem. And if this person does not know anything about copywriting? If she does not know what storytelling is or even (you never know) the conversion rate? Do you really think you will have an impact on her? If there is an impact it may be minimal … But it could mostly have the opposite effect and make your reader run away.   A hypnotic grip

This is why you must carefully analyze the vocabulary used by your customers. Use in a similar way so you do not risk losing them along the way!

Your readers should make the least effort to read and understand you. In general, you really have to use the simplest and shortest possible words.

For example :

Work Book
Communicate reveal
Design Think
enough Enough
In large numbers A lot
Hide Hide

You should also avoid expressions specific to your area and anything that might make your text less understandable. And yes… ! Simplicity is the basis of everything, if you want to keep your prospects!


Some words are incredibly powerful and cause a sensation when used. They attract curiosity and make us feel so intense that it becomes impossible for us not to read more. Would not you like to make this effect to your prospects? Yes ? Well … hypnotic words for hypnotic grip.

Use short, simple and emotional words  like: 15 words for a hypnotic catch

Easy – Effective – Fast – Free – Secret – Best – Outstanding – New – Guaranteed – Sensational – Powerful – Single – Slim – Purified – Success – Gift – Immediate – Revealed – Brilliant – Infallible – Seduce – Spectacular – Elegant …


What appearance should your hook to be the best performer? Here is a hypnotic hitch:


It is possible to write its catch all uppercase but it depends again on the type of communication and the hook in itself. Generally writing a catch while capital is deprecated because it makes it more difficult to read. And as you know … Everything you write must be the most simple and enjoyable to read .

A Shift on the First Letter of the Most Important Words

This form is also interesting for writing good hooks because it allows to highlight each important word. But here too, capital letters make reading slightly more difficult. Write a hypnotic catch.

A catch phrase in the form of a simple sentence without capital

This is probably  the simplest form of all. Without any embarrassment of reading, this form is generally the form that used Christian Godefroy, former largest French copywriter. But it does not allow to highlight the most important. So it’s up to you to see which shape suits you best and … The shape that gives the best result.

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