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Create marketing email campaigns that sell

Create marketing email campaigns that sell

Create marketing email campaigns that sell

You want to create good e-mailing campaigns but you do not know how to do it? And unfortunately, today, creating good campaigns becomes more and more difficult. Yes, it has become a real challenge. And if you want to have a chance to make hundreds or thousands of dollars in profits , you will have to acquire a lot of knowledge.

Why is it more difficult? Not only because your prospects are more and more overwhelmed with emails to the point that they can not afford to read them all, but also because it is easier to land in the spam box. So…

What to do to create an effective e-mail marketing campaign?

Well, you will have to overcome three main difficulties. And listen to the good ones because these are THE steps that will allow you to reach your goals. Yes, when you write your emailing campaigns, you will absolutely …

  1. Avoid the spam box in order to have a chance to be seen
  2. Succeed in writing a catchy object to achieve an excellent opening rate
  3. Write a fascinating email and urge your prospects to take action to get a high conversion rate.

But how do you succeed in these 3 steps? Well, it will require a lot of knowledge and above all, experience. Yes, you will have to test everything and re-test by analyzing what are the most effective techniques . But for now, here are some basic tips for achieving these 3 steps in your email marketing campaigns …

How to avoid the spam box

Today it is easier and easier to find yourself in the spam box . And it will be your biggest enemy when you set up campaigns of marketing e-mails . Because if you end up in the spam box you can be sure to get poor results …

That’s why the first goal when setting up an e-mailing campaign is to land in the inbox.

For this, it is extremely advisable to:

  • Avoid ” spam words ” in the subject of the email. A “spam word” is a word often used for spam campaigns whose use is penalized today. Try to limit yourself to using only one or two of them in the subject of your email. To know more go on GMK Press ( See the list ) which has a very good list of “spam words”.
  • Check that the links placed in your e-mail are good and not blacklisted
  • Avoid repeating the “!!!” or “???” type signs several times
  • Avoid using numbers at the beginning of the object as “-80% on all …”
  • Favor images in JPEG

And this is only a part of everything you have to be careful about not ending up in the spam box. Yes, even having been solicited by the subscriber .

5 tips to get your readers’ attention for sure

Writing an effective object is extremely important for your subscribers to see your message . If the purpose of your campaign is bad then your opening ratewill be low and your campaign will yield you few benefits.

Here are 7 tips for writing a powerful object:

  • Place a call to action “Discover … fast before it’s too late!”
  • Personalize the subject of your e-mail and place passages in the first person “[NAME], I have a surprise for you!”, “I thought of you when …”
  • Touch the curiosity of the reader “This information will change your life”, “Look at [NAME], it’s surprising!”
  • Generally, the shorter your object will be, the more impact it will have “It has happened …”, “It’s amazing!”
  • Put the name of the receiver in the subject of the email to get his attention “[NAME], you did not expect that … Is not it?”

So much for the purpose of the mail … If it is successful then your prospects will open to see what you have to tell them and to discover them. And here comes some of the most delicate … Because now that your prospect has opened the e-mail, it will have to interest from the beginning to the end to eventually push him to action. Yes, it will be necessary to convert this prospect into a customer .

10 tips for writing an effective e-mail

To write good e-mails, I would advise you to learn the basics of copywriting or to call a professional. This will allow you to significantly increase the effectiveness of your campaigns to boost your profits! If you want to know more about copywriting, feel free to read some of these articles that could help you improve your results:

Do you make any of these 5 errors in your sales pages? ( See the article )

6 tips for writing HYPNOTIC hooksSee the article )

Hope these articles help you because copywriting is extremely important to get a good conversion rate. If you want to sell a product or service, you have two options available to convert those leads. You may as well decide to write a sales text directly in the e-mail or to refer your prospects to a landing page. (or sales page)

However here are some basic tips for creating good e-mails:

  • Simplicity : Simplify the appearance of your emails as much as possible
  • Avoid colors that are too bright: They reduce the readability of your e-mail
  • Responsive Design: Plan like for your site that your e-mails are readable and pleasant to read on mobile.
  • A / B Testing: Do regular tests to improve the performance of your emails
  • Unsubscribe : Put a simple unsubscribe option (but not too much) is important because it is better if your prospect unsubscribes instead of placing you in the spam box.
  • Benefits : Show him the benefits he will get if he pursues your email and goes to the desired link. Make him feel the desire for your product, service, event …
  • One Goal : You must have one goal per email. Do not try to sell 2 products and 1 service in one and the same email. Your prospect will not know where to turn and will not leave your mail without taking anything. In addition you will surely be less convincing because we will have no fixed point.
  • Personalization : Personalize your e-mail and speak in a clear, conversational and relevant way. Do you prefer reading a purely advertising text or a text that seems to be personally addressed to you?
  • Call to action : Remember to push your prospect to action so he acts and becomes a customer
  • Signature email: On direct personal emails, take advantage of your email signature to attract your prospects to your website or ebook to boost your traffic and who knows, your conversion rate! Here are some tips that will help you create good e-mails and boost your profits through e-mail marketing.

But one more thing … We can think that the graphic mails (in HTML) have more impact on your prospects. But it’s not always the case. It just depends on your business. If you are a Amazon or Sarenza type company, then HTML will often be the best method to set up effective marketing email campaigns. On the other hand, if you sell one or two services, a personalized email and purely written in text can be more effective.

It’s up to you to test with A / B testing!

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