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Detailed Review: Email marketing with Aweber (features, price comparison, conclusion)

Detailed Review: Email marketing with Aweber (features, price comparison, conclusion)

Detailed Review: Email marketing with Aweber (features, price comparison, conclusion)

Aweber is one of the most popular autoresponder and newsletter shipping services in the US. Many American marketers, but also German marketers rely on Aweber for their e-mail delivery.

What options Aweber offers:

With Aweber  you can manage 500 newsletter subscribers in the cheapest package (price: $ 19 / month). You can create any number of e-mail lists and create both newsletters and an autoresponder for each of your e-mail distribution lists.

Aweber uses all the usual delivery techniques, so that 99.3% of your emails arrive at the recipient.


  • unlimited number of e-mail lists
  • unlimited autoresponders
  • Individually customizable optin forms
  • Many HTML design templates
  • Video Tutorials (English)
  • Send the emails as a text or HTML message
  • Splittesten your newsletter
  • Detailed statistics (opening rate / click rate / conversion rate)
  • Testing Aweber for $ 1 for 1 month (package of up to 500 subscribers)


  • No umlaut support (UTF8)
  • Confirmation emails can not be completely translated into German.
  • Subscribers who have logged out continue counting
    (manual deletion possible).
  • Support by phone / email only in English (since American provider)
  • Payment only possible by credit card


All packages include unlimited delivery of newsletters and autoresponder news.

  • up to 500 subscribers: 19 $ / month (14,24 Euro)
  • up to 2,500 subscribers: $ 29 / month (21,73 Euro)
  • up to 5,000 subscribers: $ 49 / month (36.73 euros)
  • up to 10,000 subscribers: $ 69 / month (51.72 euros)
  • up to 25,000 subscribers: $ 149 / month (€ 111.68)

When paying per quarter or per year, there are discounts.

Prices compared to the competition:

Example based on a subscriber count of 10,000 and if possible mtl. Payment
EN = English interface, DE = German interface

  • Aweber (EN): 51,72 Euro / month (Payment in USD)
  • Click-Tip (DE): 55.93 Euro / month (variant: Premium)
  • GetResponse (DE): 60.00 Euro / month
  • Flatrate Newsletter (DE): 35.58 Euro / month (payable only once a year)
  • MailerLite (EN): 6,18 Euro / month (payment only in USD per year)


Aweber is widely used in English-speaking countries. In German-speaking countries, many marketers who used to rely on Aweber switched to Infusionsoft or click-tip. Especially with a German-speaking target group, the disadvantage is that Aweber does not support umlauts and the disadvantage that some elements of the confirmation e-mail can not be translated. The support is very good and answers quickly, but English skills are a prerequisite for communication.

All in all, Aweber is a cheap startup option for e-mail marketing ($ 19 / month), but GetResponse and MailingLine’s English mailing service is at least as cheap, which is why I use these alternatives, as a German-speaking marketer, targeting German-speaking countries, would prefer.

Test Aweber for 1 $ for 1 month (credit card required)

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