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Email Marketing with Mailerlite – Review

Email Marketing with Mailerlite – Review

Email Marketing with Mailerlite – Review

Recently, I discovered a new email marketing service that offers super-low prices and all the features needed for online marketing. The email marketing provider is called Mailerlite .


1. Drag and drop email editor:


  • Drag & Drop Newsletter Editor
    Mailerlite allows you to quickly create newsletters without any HTML knowledge. Select the items you need on the right and drag to the left in the newsletter preview. You can customize everything. Font, font size, font color, background color, image size, …
  • Smartphone & Tablet-friendly presentation
    The newsletters created with Mailerlite are automatically optimized for presentation on mobile devices (such as Android and iOS devices). This means that even on these devices, your newsletter content is clear and sharp.
  • Optimized for all popular e-mail clients
    Your e-mail newsletters are displayed correctly in all e-mail retrieval programs. Both for webmail calls (Gmail, YahooMail), as well as desktop programs (Outlook, Apple Mail).
  • Picture Hosting
    Upload an unlimited number of pictures and paste them into your emails. The images are stored on a special server, which displays the images immediately and without delay in the emails.
  • Personalize your emails
    Speak to your readers with your given name.
  • Upload your own HTML templates
    If you have used your own HTML templates so far, you can import them with one click and continue to use them. Your CSS code as well as your pictures are automatically recognized, uploaded to Mailerlite and saved.

Examples of newsletters created with mailerlite :


 2. Subscriber Administration:


  • Unlimited number of email lists
    Create as many lists as you want and organize your new subscribers, unsubscribed subscribers, bounce emails and spam entries.
  • Import your subscribers from another email marketing provider
    You can import contacts as a text file, Excel or CSV file. All created additional fields are automatically transferred and you can choose where they should be stored in the future.
  • Custom fields
    Create as many custom fields as you want your subscribers to complete.
  • Segmentation
    Segment your newsletter participants, eg. Based on your location, age, or things that are important to your email marketing campaign.
  • Insert Optin forms on your website. 
    An optin form generator is available to help you design the optins to match your corporate design.
  • Social Profiles
    When someone joins your email list, their social profile data (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin) is automatically added, if available.
  • Exporting your list
    You can export your e-mail lists as an Excel file at any time.

3. Fast and reliable server:


  • Very good delivery rate of your emails
    Mailerlite uses all known technologies, which lead to a high delivery rate. 1. ongoing relationships with major ISP service providers. 2. Monitoring tools and special mailing servers.
  • Domainkeys, Sender ID
    These authentication methods use all of the well-known e-mail marketing providers. They ensure the best deliverability of your e-mails.
  • ISP Feedback Integration
    If one of your newsletter subscribers marks your email as spam, that subscriber will automatically be deleted from all your email listings.

4. Detailed statistics:


  • Display of opening and click rate
  • Display of unsubcribers, as well as bounces
    (unsubscribers = those who have left your e-mail distribution list,
    bounces = recipients to whom the e-mail could not be sent, eg with a full inbox)
  • Link Popularity
    Shows you which links in your newsletter were most clicked.
  • Google Analytics integration
    Track your conversions and sales using Google Analytics.

5. Optin Form Editor:


Design your optin forms using the Mailerlite Optin Form Creation Tool. Adjust the forms graphically to your website, change the font, background color and Optin button color and all existing texts. Your newly generated e-mail addresses are automatically entered in the e-mail distribution list of your choice.

6. Autoresponders:


  1. If a new newsletter subscriber has registered in one of your mailing lists, you can send him a welcome e-mail.
  2. You can create as many autoresponder messages as you like.
  3. If you have queried the birthday of your subscribers, you can send them a congratulatory message on this day, for example, in conjunction with a top offer or discount.

You do not need the following features:

  • Split-test function(now integrated) 
    Aweber , GetResponse and Click Tip, for example, offer you these features. It makes sense, but if you’re starting your email marketing right now and have less than 5,000 subscribers, the split-test feature will not make much sense anyway. Therefore, the lack of this feature is not a disadvantage for starting in e-mail marketing.
  • Social Proof in Optin Fields
    GetResponse and Click Tip allow you to view in your optin fields how many subscribers have already subscribed to your mailing list.
  • List segmentation by tag
    Click Tip allows you to segment email subscribers by tags rather than lists. This has the advantage of being able to target your subscribers more effectively.
  • Support in German
    GetResponse, click-tip and flatrate newsletters, for example, offer German-language support. By phone, as well as e-mail. Mailerlite is characterized by being a very lean email marketing provider and therefore only supported by a 4-person English-speaking support team. If you’re having trouble with the English language, I recommend that you choose GetResponse or Click Tip, even if these services cost you more.

Mailerlite pricing models:

Up to a total of 1,000 recipients, you can use Mailerlite for free – with all the features.

At the prices:

The following options are available:

  • Free : permanent up to max. 1,000 subscribers
  • $ 10 / month, $ 84 a year: unlimited email, max. 5,000 subscribers
  • $ 20 / month, $ 168 a year: unlimited Email, max. 10,000 subscribers
  • every additional 5,000 subscribers will cost $ 10 more per month (or $ 84 on annual payments).

Why are the prices so cheap?

  1. Many e-mail marketing services have very complex systems and many features. Far more than mailerlite. In addition, these employ many people.
  2. Mailerlite is simple. As a result, the support effort is low.

Prices compared to the competition:

Prices for a list size of 10,000 subscribers:

  • – Mail Chimp: $ 900 / year
  • – Aweber: 900 $ / year ( Read Review )
  • – GetResponse: $ 552 / year ( Read Review )
  • – Click Tip (default): $ 459.58 / year ( Read Review )
    – Click Tip (Premium): $ 793.54 / year
  • – Flatrate Newsletter: $ 475.17 / year
  • – Cleverreach: 1,820.93 $ / year ( Read Review )
  • – Mail Lite: $ 168 / year


Mailerlite is a cheap e-mail marketing provider. In addition, it is easy to use and comes without a lot of bells and whistles.

If you’re about to set up a new email list, Mailerlite is a good choice. For up to 1,000 recipients, use is free. You can also use autoresponders, which other free solutions often do not offer.

All English speakers, be it the Double-Optin confirmation email or the text before the mailing link at the end of each email, can be translated into German. If you have average knowledge of English, you can easily use this provider.

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