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GetResponse – Detailed test and my experiences

GetResponse – Detailed test and my experiences

GetResponse – Detailed test and my experiences

 GetResponse is an e-mail marketing provider for companies and self-employed professionals who want to do professional e-mail marketing.

Noteworthy are the fair prices compared to the competition. This test report answers the following questions:

  • What options does GetResponse offer
  • How is the user interface structured?
  • Which unique feature is there compared to the competition
  •  What about the prices – for small and larger lists
  •  What is there to criticize – How does the conclusion come from

Table of Contents

What options does GetResponse offer,
The 3 editors in comparison,
Features of GetResponse,
of German language,
Unique selling points compared to competitors,
Cheap rates,
Drag and drop email and landing page editor,
1,000 Free to Use Stock Photos by iStockPhoto,
Integrated webinar solution,
Available rates and prices,
What entrepreneurs say about GetResponse,
Cost compared to the competition,
Recommended for beginners and small lists,
link list

What options does GetResponse offer

GetResponse gives you the ability to send email campaigns to your prospects and customers.

In addition, GetResponse can send its new subscribers automated messages via the autoresponder function.

Three editors are available for planning and creating e-mails:

  •  HTML Editor – Here you have access to ready-made templates that you can customize and send.
  •  Text Editor – Create plain text e-mails and paste pictures. These e-mails are more personal because everyone writes their personal e-mails with text editors.
  •  Drag & Drop Editor – An easy-to-use editor. You can quickly reorder text elements and enlarge, reduce and copy images and text with just a few clicks. Emails created with this feature are Responsive and are displayed well on both desktop and mobile devices. Regarding the pictures there are 1,000 free photos of iStockPhoto available. You can also upload your own pictures and place them in the emails (including animated gifs).

The 3 editors in comparison

1. The HTML editor

You can choose from a template or use no template and even insert any HTML code. This is how the surface looks like:

2. The text editor

This editor is especially suitable for simple text emails. Also pictures can be integrated.

Text editor

With a right click you can insert pictures and link texts. If you click on “Test message”, you can send a draft of the e-mail to your mailbox and check if the layout fits and the links work.

Presentation of the e-mail

 Here you can see how the e-mail is displayed to the recipients. The imprint and the link to the cancellation will be added automatically.

3. The Drag & Drop Editor

Here you can choose from pre-made templates or start with a blank sheet.

Choose from industry-specific layouts:

 Choose a single-column or multi-column layout:
 If you edit the text, a formula bar will appear, allowing you to customize the text size, font, and formatting. In addition, user-defined fields can be inserted.
 On the right side (in the dark gray bar) you can drag and drop elements into the email. On the right you can see how the email is displayed on mobile devices.

Under “Save as” you can save the e-mail as a template or draft. It is recommended to create and save multiple templates for different purposes. So you can quickly fall back on ready-made templates with your own branding and need only the text, images and links to exchange.

Features of GetResponse

  • Newsletters split tests
    → Subject line
    → Sender name and sender e-mail address
    → Content of the e-mail
    → Delivery time and day of the week
  • Split test of optinforms (via GetResponse)
  • RSS to E-Mail: Send new blog posts directly by e-mail.
  • segmentation
  • link tracking
  • Set goals (tracking sales)
  • Importing contacts
    → Manually individually
    → Upload a file in .txt, .csv, .ods, .vcf or .xls (x) format.
  • Interfaces and integrations with other systems, eg. B.
    → WordPress, Joomla, Drupal (CMS)
    → Magento, WooCommerce (Online Stores)
    → Zendesk (support system)
    → iStockPhoto (1,000 free images available for own newsletter)
    → Paypal, Amazon Payments, Clickbank (payment provider)
    → YouTube, Wistia, Vimeo (video
    hosting platforms) → Wufoo (better segmentation forms)
    → Twitter (publish newsletter content on Twitter)
    → Facebook (publish newsletter content on Facebook)
  • Optin popups (see below video)
  • API
  • Landingpage Editor (Basic in all tariffs, Pro from the Pro tariff)
  • Webinars (from Pro-Tarif)
  • Workflows and tags (see video below)
  • Scoring (from pro-tariff)
  • Tracking traffic on your own website (from Pro-Tarif)
  • Automation Segmentation (from Pro-Tarif)
  • GetResponse is certified by the Certified Sender Alliance. This certification ensures that all emails sent via Getresponse end up in the Inbox rather than the Spam folder.

Videos about individual features

Optin popups – The following pop-ups can be viewed on GetResponse’s own web page:

Workflow s and Tag s – Drag & Drop also allows more complex action sequences to be created and clearly managed:

of German language

GetResponse is a provider focused on the American space.

The user interface is completely translated into German, some help links are not. Likewise none of the video tutorials and numerous webinars – these are only available in English.


There is a German email support team that will respond within 1 business day. Telephone support is available in English only.

Double Optin Confirmations

The legally required e-mails, with which the recipient confirms that you can send him further information, can be sent in both German and English. There are also templates that can be supplemented with your own texts.

Unique selling points compared to competitors


Cheap rates

If you start with your list from zero and do not expect to build a list of 4,000 to 5,000 subscribers in several months, GetResponse is a good choice.

For larger lists the prices are okay. Cheap is GetResponse, if you use all features, such as landing pages and webinars. Otherwise, the prices are comparable to the competition. From the pro rate unlimited landing pages and a webinar software for up to 100 participants are included.


Drag and drop email and landing page editor

It’s fun to write emails in minutes. HTML basic knowledge is not required.

It used to be more time-consuming to create visually appealing newsletters and landing pages. The drag & drop editor is working. Elements can be added, moved and removed with one click.


1,000 Free to Use Stock Photos by iStockPhoto

A picture says more than 1,000 words. At GetResponse, there are 1,000 different Stock Photos for free use in emails. You have access to a photo library that sorts the images by category.

You can also upload your own pictures. They are scaled automatically and you can zoom in, zoom out, crop or round them off. GetResponse provides you with 1GB of storage space.


Integrated webinar solution

From the pro rate is an online webinar software for up to 100 participants included. This saves the otherwise due user fee of a third-party provider.

Automated webinars like Webinaris or WebinarJam are not possible.

Available rates and prices

There are 3 tariffs to choose from. “Email”, “Pro” and “Max”.

The payment is possible by credit card or direct debit (direct debit).

All amounts must be paid in advance. For monthly billing as well.

A comparison is shown in the following table:

Net prices (without VAT)

GetResponse tariff selection






Experts |

1,000 recipients

12,00 €

39,00 €

145,00 €

2,500 recipients

20,00 €

39,00 €

145,00 €

5,000 recipients

35,00 €

39,00 €

145,00 €

10,000 receivers

50,00 €

60,00 €

145,00 €

Discount on annual payment




Discount on 2-year payment




Landing Pages


Webinars (participants)


✓ (100)

✓ (500)


by day



campaign consulting



Salesforce CRM integration



  •  Individual offers are possible from recipient lists of 100,000 subscribers.
  •  Price Tip: Try GetResponse for free for 30 days. I received an offer with a 10% Lifetime discount shortly before the end of the trial period.

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