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Google Adsense ads vs. Affiliate Marketing

Google Adsense ads vs. Affiliate Marketing

Google Adsense ads vs. Affiliate Marketing

If you want to earn money with your website, there are 2 possibilities.

  1. Show text ads and banners on the website.
  2. Present and recommend products as an affiliate on the website.

In this article, I’ll talk about my experiences with Adsense and showing affiliate ads.

Table of Contents

Adsense ads
Affiliate advertising
Which type of advertising wins
Alternative to the banner: content and text links

Adsense ads


Flexible positioning

The banners can be placed in a specific or arbitrary position.

  • z. Over the article
  • under the article,
  • right in the navigation bar.

The integration effort is unique. As the content on the website changes, the content of the ads automatically adjusts.

Context-sensitive advertising

Depending on the content of the text, Adsense will always show other referral links or banners. Always suitable for the written topic.

  • Google Adsense ads can be viewed as complementary, additional information about the content of their own website.

Responsive presentation

There are special responsive advertising blocks.

Thus, the ads are displayed equally well on all devices (PC, tablet, smartphone).

In addition, an ad block can be activated, which are only displayed at the bottom of the display of mobile devices.

Similarly, there is a full-screen display that fills the entire screen of the smartphone and must be closed manually, so that the website is displayed again.

Remuneration per click

Remunerated per click on an Adsense link.
(PPC) stands for “pay per click”, the remuneration per click on the advertising material.)

The earnings range from 1 cent to several Euros, depending on how many advertisers use Google Adwords to advertise on this topic.

A big advantage of this is that it does not matter what actions the ad clicker performs on the linked web page.


Declining residence time

A visitor stays on the website for less.

  • Many clicks on Adsense ads also mean that
    many visitors leave the website instead For example, you can look at another page or subscribe to the newsletter.

Heavy control of ad content

It is never completely out of the question, that the visitors arrive at dubious offers via a switched advertisement.

No commission on sales

Every click is remunerated, but there is no commission on a sale. Here is to weigh what brings more money.

Affiliate advertising


Free choice of advertising

One determines oneself from a multiplicity of products, which one advertises.

  • For Adsense ads, the selection is left to chance.
  • Adwords offers retargeting ( called remarketing ) so that ads that are not relevant to the topic can appear.

Free choice of advertising form

It is up to you to determine which forms of advertising (eg banners, text links) are most suitable for the insertion on the website or that best suit the design of the page.

Unobtrusive, easy to integrate

Advertising for affiliate links is inconspicuously possible via text links. Unobtrusive and discreet, but efficient.

  • In addition, one can disguise affiliate links, so that visitors can not identify the obvious advertising links as such.
    Affiliate links also look much more aesthetic.
  • For WordPress there are plugins like PrettyLink or GhostURL . Normally, it also does a link-shorter as goo .gl or , but again leads to little click-happy, cryptic links.
  • Amazon links may only be shortened with The links automatically change to links.
  • According to Google Webmaster Guidelines, affiliate links should be set with the nofollow link attribute.


Manual registration for each affiliate program

Mostly a registration with each partner program product operator is necessary.

  • That’s because certain partners provide policies and criteria to affiliates who are manually reviewed.
  • This can sometimes take more time if the product operator does not immediately agree and some persuasion is needed, why one is an affiliate in question.

Minimum payouts

Often there are minimum payouts of between 50 and 100 euros per network of affiliate programs.

  • If one uses different affiliate program providers, one reaches the minimum disbursement sum more slowly.

No compensation per click

The remuneration for affiliate marketing usually occurs per mediated sale and refers to the percentage of the net value of goods that the customer has paid for his purchase.

The companies are therefore not in advance. You only pay commissions, even if sales have occurred.

Pay per click or lead is less common on affiliate program networks. More often you can still find the payment per action. If z. For example, someone orders a product sample, registers, or signs a test subscription.

Search time required

You have to find suitable partner programs first.

  • Detailed information on affiliate programs, compensation types, and affiliate program networks can be found here .

Which type of advertising wins

Affiliate advertising links are used on this page. But you can and should combine both. The important thing is that you can find a maximum of 3 Adsense blocks on the page.

To accommodate more ads, you can split long articles, distribute them on multiple pages and link them together. This increases the page views. In addition, you can optimize individual pages better for the search engines.

If you have several Adsense blocks, you get the highest compensation for the first block in the source code. If more Adsense ads are shown, the compensation will decrease.

Advertisements that are located in the direct field of view of the website (the area that can be seen without scrolling directly after the page has been visited) have the highest click rates.

I recommend trying both. To measure and compare the results. Then you realize what works and what does not.

By using banner rotations, you can find out which ad designs bring the highest click rates. Adsense ads with different color combinations can also be tested against each other or alternately switched to prevent banner blindness.

  • The 9 best WordPress plugins for banner rotations are listed here .

Banner blindness is a big problem today. Everywhere there are advertisements and you blind them more and more unconsciously. Simple text links are a good alternative. They do not disturb the reading flow and do not annoy you.

Hidden so far (z. For books) Banner from Amazon, instead, write a review on it, say what you think, and place a custom banner with the link to the review page.

The banner is then no longer advertising, but provides added value. He is no longer blocked by adblockers.

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