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Ideas to Get Started (Value Added Series – Part 4)

Ideas to Get Started (Value Added Series – Part 4)

Ideas to Get Started (Value Added Series – Part 4)

The topic decision is pending. For which topic do you decide? Many want to build an online business, but do not know where to start

  • I present the 4 biggest topics and their subdivisions.
  • Then I explain what one can derive the demand.
Table of Contents

The 4 big topics
Find more topics
Amazon bestseller lists
Products on digital marketplaces
supply and demand
Great product selection
Small product selection

The 4 big topics

  • Earn money
    → passive income
    → investment forms (gold, funds)
  • Save money
    → present bargains
    → Save electricity and heating costs
    → Cheap calls
    → Cheap holidays
  • Insurance
    → Education
    → Insurance comparisons
  • Home work
    → Working from home
    → Offers for part time jobs
  • Multi-level marketing
    → companies with direct sales
  • Service Models
    → How do I earn money as …
  • Coachings
    → Seminars, webinars, by phone
  • Consultations
    → on site, via Skype, in groups


  • Nutrition
    → vegetarian (meatless)
    → vegan (no animal products)
    → Nutritional supplement
  • Wellness
    → relaxation techniques (yoga)
    → cosmetics
    → spas
  • Losing weight
    → for different target groups
    → fitness and training equipment
    → nutritional advice
    → sports exercises
    → coaching
    → online memberships
  • Increasing
    → for different target groups
    → assistance and tips
  • Home training courses
    → Fit without equipment
  • Fitness Coaching
    → Flat Belly, Sixpack
    → Belly-Legs-Butt Trainings


  • Sexuality
    → Suggestions, Tips
    → Erotic Articles
    → Problems and Disorders
  • Relationships
    → get to know women
    → solve relationship problems
    → retake ex
    → parenting
  • Animals
    → Dog training
  • Business etiquette
    → salary negotiations
    → sales calls
    → Leadership
    → Interviews
    → management coaching


  • Real estate
    → buy
    → sell at a profit → leases, purchase contracts
  • Home & Garden
    → Furnishings, Furniture
    → Beds, Mattresses, Cupboards
    → Taps, Pipe Cleaners
    → Garden Tools,
    → Chairs, Tables, Plates, Cups, …
    → Reviews, Reviews
  • Thematic pages
    → Cars, Models, Accessories
    → Fashion, Clothing, Shoes
    → Toys, Toys
    → Reviews, Reviews
  • Technology
    → Computers, Laptops, Televisions
    → HiFi Systems
    → Mobile Phones, Smartphones, Tablets, Apps
    → Accessories
  • Hobbies
    → Sports (soccer, riding, golf)
    → Pictures (cameras, editing)
    → own videos (YouTube channels)

Recommendation for the beginning :
You should choose a topic that interests you. Otherwise there is a risk that the online project will be prematurely dragged because the interest in it is too low.

Find more topics

In order to come to other topics, it makes sense to look at the bestseller lists of best-selling products. z. B.

Products on digital marketplaces

Alternatively, it’s a good idea to look at what products are available on global digital marketplaces like Clickbank, Digistore24 or Affilicon.

This allows conclusions to be drawn about which topics are in particular demand and how high the demand for them is.

Supply and demand

The higher the product selection for a category, the higher the demand.

The market regulates itself.

With high demand and low competition, prices start to rise. Over time, the supply increases by more and more market participants and prices fall.

There are very few offers for a small target group and low demand products.

Great product selection

(on the same or similar topic)

  • High demand (+)
  • High competition (+/-)
  • High achievable sales (+)

Small product selection

(on the same or similar topic)

  • Low demand (-)
  • less profitable topic or hard-to-mark topic (-)

If you want to bring a product to market today, for which there are no competitor offers, it is in most cases unprofitable.

By contrast, high competition is a good sign that a lot of money is being made in this area – otherwise the large number of competitors would not have been created.

In the next part of the added-value series, I will talk about the possibilities of monetization. The next important step after finding a suitable topic.

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