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Learn by Observation (Value Series – Part 2)

Learn by Observation (Value Series – Part 2)

Welcome to the second part of the added value series. Today it’s about these points:
  • 3 typical rookie mistakes
  • How to learn by observation
  • Which elements of a website are important

Table of Contents

Which are typical rookie mistakes,
You do not look anything from others.,
One falls for empty promises.,
The same results are expected.,
Back to the topic: Learning by copying,
Pay attention to details,
Implementation in practice,
What is allowed and forbidden?,
Is imitation the wrong way?
It’s the right way and it works,
But it gets better
“What can I look for from you?”

Which are typical rookie mistakes

 You do not look anything from others.

Instead, you buy one product after another. One hopes to reach the Holy Grail of knowledge with it.

And every time you realize that the purchase has once again raised more questions than he answered.

After every purchase, there is a growing realization that online marketing is a complex topic that can not be explained with 3 90-page e-books.

One falls for empty promises.

  • You buy products with content that does not work.

Marketing and advertising suggest nice things to us.

Let’s take a look z. As the advertising for diets and Abnehmratgeber.

  1. What do we see:A young, slim woman with a slim body. It suggests that you can achieve your own goals with this product.
  2. What advertising promises:”Build up your abdominal muscles and burn your stomach fat.”
  3. The result is:we build abdominal muscles, but crave even more.Why?
    The extra muscles cause the fat layer on the belly to be pushed forward.

I myself have bought 3 weight loss products. The fourth has brought real results.

There are really good products for every conceivable topic, but there is also a lot of scrap that will not get you anywhere. Just as there are outstanding books, very good ones and those that again contain only “old wine in new bottles”.

The same results are expected.

  • You read the emails of online marketing gurus diligently.
  • You think that doing the same thing will give you the same results.

In a product launch of an online marketing guru, more than 90% of the other online marketers earn the commissions. Newcomers to online marketing should keep away from it at first.

Back to the topic: Learning through imitation

Man can learn in 3 ways:

  • think
  • imitate
  • Own experiences

The easiest and most promising way is the second.

You can see how the “big players” in the online marketing scene act, act and with what structures they have built their business. You can learn a lot from that.

If you look at how the “big players” in the online marketing scene act, act and with which structures they have built their business, you can learn a lot from it.

In addition 3 examples:

 sales page

How are the lyrics written? What is the design of the page?

 payment form

Which information is requested? How is the design done?

 Affiliate Blog

How is the content designed? Which advertising materials are in use?

So you learn how to implement something. For sales pages you can do this z. For example, look at product lists at Digistore24 from the best-selling products.

If you want to learn how to create a sales page for a particular topic, look at a sales page for a similar product.

Again, you can use the search function of Digistore. The individual topics are displayed on the left side.

Pay attention to details

Little things often achieve the decisive effect. You should take a closer look at the following elements of a website:

Next you can still look at:

  • What does the order page look like?
  • How is the sales process structured?
  • Is there a newsletter offer for non-buyers?
  • Are there upsells?
    If there are any, what does the offer look like?
  • Are there any downsells? This is a cheap additional offer if you do not buy the main product.

All this can be found out by visiting a website and looking at the individual subpages. An entry in the newsletter is also recommended.

There you can get tips and suggestions for his e-mail marketing.

  • How are subject written.
  • How are the contents of the emails structured?
  • What are the call-to-action items that the reader should click on?
  • Recommended article: Tips for high opening and click rates with e-mail marketing

The same can be done if you want to earn money with your own website. A private website can be z. B. monetize with the help of affiliate marketing.

  • Detailed information about affiliate marketing is available  in this article . I have answered all the frequently asked questions.

Implementation in practice

We will take care of the technique in the third part of the article series. Now it’s about analyzing websites and their structure in order to create a structuring for your own site.

You look at:

  • Where is what? How is the menu structured?
  • Where are the advertising materials and newsletter registration forms (optins) placed?
    (Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter and look at the mailing content.)
  • Which texts are used for the headings?
  • How long are the lyrics written?
  • Which means are used for the design?
  • How is the target audience addressed?
  • Which products are sold and recommended?
  • What do the dating sites look like?

In this way you can find out what makes a good website on this topic.

What is allowed and forbidden?


  •  Find suggestions and inspiration.
  •  Copy the concept: how is something done?


  • Copy pictures and graphics
  • Copy or slightly reformulate the texts.
 Note :

It is important to create and use your own content. 1: 1 copied content is a copyright infringement.

Is imitation the wrong way?

One can argue about whether they were our ancestors or not. The fact is, they do the same: the monkeys.

  1. Study and observe.
  2. Copy and draw your own conclusions from the fake experience.

It’s the right way and it works

The best example of this is the smartphone from Apple.

How many other manufacturers tried to imitate the design and the usability (that is the ease of use)?


And these smartphones are also selling.

This example shows very well that this approach works and is also applied in practice.

But it gets better

Anyone can imitate something. To do something really better, only a few succeed.

The question is therefore always when you look at something that is well done. Wonder:

What can be done better?

This creates something innovative, something better. This is what matters when it comes to optimizing your website content for the search engines in order to achieve better rankings.

  • Recommended article: How to optimize the contents of your website in 3 steps for the search engines and what matters.

“What can I look for from you?”

If you ask yourself that, I recommend 3 points:

  1. Be authentic.
  2. Do things differently today than yesterday.
  3. Do things that are fun for you. Or ask yourself: How can I do things that I enjoy. (Often a head thing.)

Who is heeded an online entrepreneur, who leads his reputation and who is successful in the long term business.

In the next part of the series I talk about what personal qualities make a successful Internet entrepreneur.

Success begins in the head.

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