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Make money with affiliate programs

Make money with affiliate programs

Make money with affiliate programs

If you want to start earning money with a website and you do not have your own products or services that you can offer, then you can use affiliate programs to display banners and text links on your own website and make money from them.

The easiest way is via so-called  affiliate program networks . These are companies (they become advertisers or merchants

You yourself ( publisher or affiliate , who is always the one who recommends products and thus earns something) can log in to these portals with his website .

Once you have done that, you can apply for individual partner programs, different companies.

If your own page then accepted (which may take up to 2-3 weeks), you can from this time z. B. banner ads or text links from the partner network on their own homepage.

You then receive a fee (also known as a commission) if someone has bought something from their own banner or text link at the respective company.

Some affiliate program networks, such as B. Superclix, require only a single sign-on. After the single sign-up you will get immediate access to almost all partner programs of this partner network.

That’s how you get paid

When applying for products through a affiliate program, you will be paid for one of these 3 models or a combination of these 3 models:


  • Payment per click on the displayed advertising material
    Compensation usually 0.05-0.50 € per click


  • Payment per performed action on the advertised website.
    The forwarded visitor subscribes z. B. a newsletter or requests more information, z. Eg an insurance comparison 
    fee usually 0.50-10.00 € per interaction


  • Payment per sale
    The redirected visitor buys a product on the advertised website.
    Provison usually 3-75% of net sales.
    3-10% mostly for physical products 
    30-75% common for digital info products

All basic information about Affiliate Marketing can be found here  in the FAQ section

Tips to make money

Targeted, forwarded visitors bring the turnover

The recommendation of a product will pay off only if the visitors of a website are also interested in the topic of the affiliate product.

So it does not matter if you run a website with information on migratory birds and then a partner program for cheap prepaid mobile discounters on it switches.

One can imagine the use of affiliate programs, such as further information for visitors to their own website. On the own website there is good information on this topic. And on the linked page, the visitor can then, suitably, acquire something.

If you follow this approach and your own website has regular visitors (> 30 visitors / day should be at least), you will drive well with the application of a partner program.

What’s left over?

This varies greatly, depending on how your own website content and visually designed (also based on the expectations of your target audience). As a rule, only a few percent (0.5-2%) of all site visitors click on inserted banners and text links.

For comparison: A free newsletter is subscribed to on average by 5-20% of all visitors. A recommended product will buy only about 0.2-3% of all website visitors who have been redirected to an offer.

Admission criteria to be approved for your desired partner program

Certain minimum standards should be adhered to by the website in order to be accepted as an advertising partner by the networks. Some providers consider each applicant individually who wants to promote a particular affiliate program.

The following information is considered a minimum standard:

  • The website contains a proper imprint
  • There is  no illegal content
  • The website does not contain any erotic content
  • The website does not represent any views of marginalized political groups (eg right-wing extremist scene)

Individual restrictions will be shown once again when applying for a partner program.

 TOP platforms for affiliate programs at a glance


  • Very many well-known, big companies
  • mainly pay-per-lead and pay-per-sale programs
  • Advertising formats: text links, banners, popups

To the website of Zanox

  • Another similar sized affiliate program like Zanox.
  • Renowned partners like: ADAC, myHammer, 1 & 1, United-Domains and Yello-Strom.
  • most commonly pay-per-lead & per-sale programs
  • Advertising formats: text links, banners

Sign up for


  • Choice of over 700 affiliate programs
  • after a single registration with the operator one can use most of the partner programs immediately without additional application.
  • Advertising formats: text links, banners
  • Sign up, embed code, earn money – Superclix is ​​a very easy-to-use affiliate program.

Sign in to Superclix

Other affiliate program networks

24 Ads

  • € 5.00 starting credit upon registration
  • Advertising formats: Textlink, Banner, PopUp, PopUnder
  • Available affiliate programs,
    e.g. GameDuell, Paysafecard, Klarmobil, Base

Log in to 24-Ads

Amazon affiliate program

to the website of the Amazon Affiliate Program


  • Discotel (10-30 € per sale)
  • (5 € per lead)
  • (10 € per lead)

A lot of different categories, for example:

  • Information, information
  • Family & child
  • earn money
  • Mobile and communication
  • Books, movies, music
  • Lifetime commission
  • newspapers and magazines

to the AdCell website


Very many advertising partners to the categories:

  • Competitions,
  • Shopping
  • and internet

to the website of AffiliWelt

Belboon / Adbutler

Here you will find affiliate programs matching the following categories:

  • Mobile / Telecommunication
  • Car and traffic
  • education
  • Business, Commerce, Finance
  • Internet, games
  • computer
  • Sweepstakes

To the website of Belboon

eBay affiliate program

  • Sign up here to promote products on eBay (banners, text links)

to the website of the eBay affiliate program


  • TradeDoubler offers z. For example, the Apple & iTunes Affiliate Program.

To the website of TradeDoubler

Any questions?

If yes, just write a comment below the article. Every (even stupid) question is answered.

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