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Make money with ViralURL – My experiences

Make money with ViralURL – My experiences

Make money with ViralURL – My experiences

ViralURL is an online platform that first established itself in the English-speaking world. The successes have not been long in coming and so ViralURL came to Germany.

Table of Contents

These possibilities are offered by ViralURL membership,
The free membership,
I know ViralURL from the beginning and was a Gold member,
How much money I have to earn with ViralURL, so it’s worth it for me.,
To the target group at ViralURL,
How much does ViralURL cost?,
ViralURL is inexpensive,
Is membership worthwhile?

These possibilities are offered by ViralURL membership

  • Camouflage affiliate links (Cloaken)
  • Link Tracking
  • Send e-mails (from gold membership, 1 e-mail every 3 days)

Most attractive is the latter option. With this you can promote your own products, recommend foreign products as an affiliate or build up your own e-mail list by linking to your own website, where the e-mail address is queried. This works best for free offers.

  • Link cloaking (camouflage of links) means:
    from links like
    becomes / s / frei-waehlbarer-linktext
  • Link tracking means:
    – How many times did you click on a disguised link (per day, per week)
    – How to find out which promotions are effective and work.

The free membership

The free membership of ViralURL allows you to camouflage and track any link. Ideal for camouflaging affiliate links that earn you money. In addition, one prevents thereby Provisionsklau, since nobody gets the own Affiliateelink to face.

If this feature (links to track and camouflage) is enough, you will not pay membership fees. (When registering, no payment details are required.)

There is a catch however with the free ViralURL membership – one receives daily about 5-10 emails of other members, who are allowed to send emails to all members of ViralURL with the system.

This “hook” leads us directly to the most important point. As a paid ViralURL Gold member you can send ViralURL every 3 days to all registered members. The e-mail is sent to 3,000 randomly selected members each time.

This point ensured the success of the platform. If you do it right, then commissions of several hundred euros per e-mail are possible.

I know ViralURL from the beginning and was a Gold member

First, I have advertised weight loss products and forex trading programs. This has given me a total of more than 197 €, which I had the cost of gold membership after 3 weeks back in it.

After that, I advertised other “money earning” products. This worked with moderate success. ViralURL is good as an additional traffic source.

Every e-mail sent me between 10 and 70 clicks.

Once I used the option to buy 200 clicks for 50 €. The commission was 47 euros. You can see that the traffic converts, even though it was not worth it in my example, as I as an affiliate did not receive the full purchase amount

How much money I have to earn with ViralURL, so it’s worth it for me.

Suppose I reach with ViralURL mailings

  • an average of 30 clicks per e-mail on the link in the e-mail
  • a conversion rate of 2% when promoting a product
  • a conversion rate of 15% for a newsletter entry

The following results would come out:

Sent mail


sales achieved

E-mail subscribers

120 pieces (max.)

€ 1.65 per mail, 6ct./click



60 pieces

€ 3.28 per mail, 11ct./click



20 piece

€ 9.85 per mail, 33ct./click



  • If I send the full 120 e-mails a year, I have to take more than 1.65 euros with every e-mail sent so that the investment of 197, – € has paid off.

1.65 EUR per e-mail are feasible. I always had at least 1 e-mail out of 5 sent e-mails, which brought me between 10 and 30 euros in commissions.

  • E-mail marketing tips for high opening and Conversionrates are available here

To the target group at ViralURL

The target group are mainly internet marketers, network marketers and those interested in “Making Money on the Internet” and passive income.

This also confirmed the operator’s reply to ViralURL:

It’s worth it,

a) to recommend products that are suitable for mass production (slimming etc.)

b) products from the areas of finance / earning money to promote.

Detlev Reimer
operator of ViralURL

How much does ViralURL cost?

The normal membership is free. The gold membership costs 197, – Euro annually.


Free member

Gold member

Link cloaking for affiliate links



Link Tracking



Send emails to self-recruited members



Send emails to 3,000 members every 3 days



Resulting costs


197 € per year *

(* for a one-time payment of 497 Euro there is the unlimited Gold Membership)

ViralURL is inexpensive

197, – Euro annually sounds first after a lot of money. But compared to the usual prices that e-mail marketing service providers demand for their services, the costs of gold membership are put into perspective.

E-mail marketing service providers


monthly. costs

annual costs

Click tip ( test report )


25,00 €

300.00 €

GetResponse ( test report )

E-mail 2,500

20,00 €

240.00 €


2,500 recipients

29,95 €

359.40 €

Aweber ( test report )

2,500 recipients

25,90 €

310,83 €




197,00 €

All e-mail marketing service providers also have to start with an empty list and not be able to rely on 3,000 existing prospects.

With ViralURL you pay once a year 197, – Euro, saves the lengthy list structure, can fall back on a mailing list with over 3,000 recipients and send these people every 3 days any x mail.

The sending of spam or links to illegal offers is prohibited.

Is membership worthwhile?

Yes, the use is risk-free. If you are not satisfied with your results within the first 30 days of your order, you will receive your money back.

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