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The “Making Money on the Internet” Scene – Can you really earn a lot of money here with little effort?

The “Making Money on the Internet” Scene – Can you really earn a lot of money here with little effort?

The “Making Money on the Internet” Scene – Can you really earn a lot of money here with little effort?

The trends are changing. The economy is changing. The internet marketing scene is pleased. In other markets, where sales are plummeting, Internet marketers and online entrepreneurs can only smile tiredly.

Heiko Häusler, one of the most famous Internet marketers in German-speaking countries, doubled z. From 2010-2011 its turnover. Other company owners can only dream of such developments.

A huge advantage in online sales are the very low costs compared to offline business. You do not have to pay anyone to stick advertising posters for your own products or services on walls. Instead, you place banners and advertising links on other websites, eg. For example, for a small fee to the website operator or in which you participate via a partner program to your sales, which have arisen over the placed banner. The only major effort is to create a click-strong banner.

Another advantage is  minimal production costs.

Example 1: eBooks

Making an ebook (producing) is incomparably cheap in contrast to making a paperback where you first have to look for a publisher for, for. B. Books-On-Demand . Selling an eBook is therefore as easy as making a copy of a file. It can be duplicated, downloaded or sent as often as you like.

2nd example: video courses

Online video lessons, online tutorials – once created , these courses can view millions of other people. (On YouTube you can find the daily proof) Once created – always available. Offline not imaginable.

3rd example: Seminars

The holding of seminars takes a lot of time, the seminar leaders usually repeat the same lecture topics at each seminar. Rent for the seminar room is due. In the internet business you can discuss a topic once (eg in a classic seminar or in a virtual seminar that takes place online – called webinar), film the seminar & publish, and already thousands of interested people can view this seminar, or If you plan to do so, you should buy an entrance to the seminar. Physical shipping as a DVD for home would be possible, but that would be for you then again with additional production costs for the DVDs and the DVD cover connected.

Huge time savings

The topic of time savings can be transferred to almost all Internet activities. I write z. B. just this article. They look at him. You did not have to wait for me to finish writing and publishing the article. And I’m doing something completely different now than dealing with this article. We both save a lot of time and both benefit from it. That’s the win-win situation.

Here’s another example of time savings in online business:

If you had to send a letter to each reader of your post containing this content, it would cost you a lot of time and money. Apart from that, it would take a long time for your readers to receive the letter. In the online business, you send e-mails to so-called e-mail marketing providers. You can write an e-mail and send it to 1,000, 5,000 or even 200,000 people. At the push of a button and in a few seconds.

Less work means more money.

You can do things faster and you have more time for other things that can bring you money.

The automation of processes, as it is possible on the Internet, is in my opinion the main reason why it allows us so easily – with little work – to earn so much money on the Internet. And if something is pending, work steps can be outsourced to third parties for a fee, such as: For example, you can add content to your website, write copywriting, create banners, or provide traffic to your sales pages.

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