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Your Mindset (Value Added Series – Part 3)

Your Mindset (Value Added Series – Part 3)

Your Mindset (Value Added Series – Part 3)

Today it’s about the right mindset. Why is she so important?

  1. In your mind you imagine what you want to achieve.
  2. These wishes and aimsDo you stick in  writing and give them a structure?
  3. Now you know what your goals are. You have a cause set.Be  a nice one . Pay attention to inspiration in everyday life. Website content, conversations with friends, newspaper articles, advertisements, whatever.Some people have told me only 2-3 sentences – unconsciously – and I have taken so much for me in retrospect. I know, there are no coincidences. Everything works on the principle of cause and effect.

    Focus on that in life, which brings you a benefit. Give room to the people in your life who will help you. Spend time with people who are conducive to your development.

    It’s simple: No matter what you do, do, say or think. If you feel better then it will be beneficial for you. Do you feel like it was wasted time or you feel empty, tired or drained, let it stay.

Thoughts are the cause. The own action provides for the effect.

For more depth, I recommend 1 film, 1 online seminar and 1 book.

  • Movie: The SecretThis movie changed my life and was the cause of more changes and new insights.
  • The whole thing goes deeper in the course ” The power of thought “. The seminar is recommended.
  • Book:  Richer than the GeissensA very good book. The contents of the book focus on the essence of a business. It belongs in your bookshelf.

Thoughts and beliefs have a big impact on our mood. Our body reacts to our thoughts.

An optimistic attitude is not only more promising, it also keeps us healthier. We are more open, friendly, tolerant and less worried.

Over 90% of worries like “what could not go wrong …” do not occur.

Each of us has fears. It is best to accept them and not ignore or oust them. I recommend you the above linked seminar, where also on the subject of fear something is said.

Wrong expectations

Many beginners approach the matter with false expectations. The result is that he gives up in frustration and comes to the conviction: “It does not work.”


Do you fall for false expectations?
Find out. What is more true:
With a website I earn easy, fast money.
With a website it’s like in life. Practice creates masters.
  • Get rich, work a little, have fun

These 3 points are the newcomers in online marketing are suggested:

  • Conscious: Directly spoken.
  • Unconsciously: By background music, beach photos and great cars.

One should forget about these 3 points.

If they were true, then I would not sit at my desk at the computer and just write this text. Palm trees, beach and sea are great, no question. But they would also distract me from work and I would hardly be as productive as I am right now.

These expectations should be:

1.Work and earn money

Making money requires active doing. No one else takes it from you.

2.Give up activities

and save time

You can outsource parts of your work to others (outsource *). This makes you more productive.

3.Have fun!


Accept that not every task is enjoyable. Like every job, it has beautiful and less beautiful sides.

 * Note on outsourcing:

At the beginning, with little available capital, outsourcing is only conditionally recommendable. It has its advantages later, if one can fall back to a basic knowledge from the most different areas. Nobody can pull you over the table.


Many of the tasks can be fun. The positive sides help one to survive difficult times – when things are not going so well.

Perseverance is the nuts and bolts.

Giving up is the only reason that stands in the way of success. Failures are intermediate steps to success and not final defeat.

  • Only those who start bad start!
  • Only those who start learn.
 Winners are not born. Winners are made.
Click and tweet

Do not be afraid of being “bad”

Discard fears like these.

Everyone who learns something new gathers experience. Think back to your childhood: talking, running, reading, cycling. It all took time.

The child is not told, “You can not read, if you try, you sound like an idiot.”

Parents know that it would be nonsense to give their child such an attitude. Nevertheless, they do it unconsciously because they do not know other things better themselves, such as: dealing with money, expressing feelings, non-violent communication, … C’est la vie.

You know that everyone can learn to read …

… only in other areas, you do not believe in yourself.

It’s because no one in your environment told you and demonstrated that more is possible than you believe.

If you put your first website on the net and it works miserable … Okay, that’s just it. More importantly, you did it.

No matter how bad you are. You have proven that you are a translator. You make mistakes and over time you will do things differently.

Remember your first drive. It’s always the same story …

In the beginning:
You can not do anything, you start silly.

In the end,
you can do it, you’ve got the hang of it.

If you get criticized, see it as a chance. Someone once said to me: The people who have great potential are criticized. Which one trusts more. Whoever criticizes and generalizes you, does not name anything concrete, you do not need to listen to it and do not take it seriously. You feel that when criticism is meant honestly, rely on your intuition.

No matter how it works, in the end you benefit from the experience. In the end, you’re ready to be above things.

Old people say, “If only I had dared to do more.”

Accept course fees

From nothing, comes nothing. Everyone pays apprenticeship and those who do not pay apprenticeship can consider their own invested time as apprenticeship.

I do not know any online marketer who has managed to succeed without apprenticeship or apprenticeship.

In contrast, I know people who have worked out their achievements and spent countless hours of their time trying to figure out what works and what does not.

 Forget the illusion of fast money. It is the best way to spend money senselessly for methods that do not work sustainably.
  • Consume targeted information that gives you exactly the content you need right now.
  • Buy products for which you have a need now. Do not buy things “in stock” because you will need them at some point.

The mindset of successful people

Mindset Check

Find out if you are mentally unconsciously working for or against yourself.

All the ways of thinking that help you, I’ve summarized here again for you.

 I am responsible for my own success.

Obstacles are there to overcome them.

 I solve problems.
 If someone helps me, I can reach my destination faster.
 I re-invest profits and rely on scalable solutions.
 I know my fears, act anyway and overcome them.
 All results are intermediate steps of success. I will continue.
 Collaboration is a success duplicator.

It’s easier in the team. Lone fighters are good. Team players are in demand.

That was the third part of the added value series. In the fourth part I show concrete topics within which one can build an online business.

go to part 4

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