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Online Marketing Definitions

Online Marketing Definitions

Online Marketing Definition

In this glossary you will find the most important technical terms – simply explained.

Ad comes from English and stands for Advertising. In online marketing, this usually means advertising banners and advertisements.

Ad impression

Ad impression is the number of banner ads on a web page.


Under Adsense one means the merit program of Google. Google Adsense. Adsense allows website owners to serve targeted ads on their own websites. The remuneration is paid per click on the respective advertisement. The compensation varies and can range from 5 cents to 2-3 euros per click.

See also:


In contrast to Adsense, Adwords offers advertisers the option of advertising a) on Google in the search results or b) in adsense blocks placed on the most diverse websites. Adwords also offers the ability to serve targeted and keyword-based ads. Payment is per click.

See also:


An affiliate is someone who advertises products and services of third parties for a commission. Affiliates show mostly provided advertising material of the respective merchant (text links, but sometimes also complete text contributions and banners).

The merchant is the one whose products the affiliate recommends.

Affiliate remuneration is usually paid on a per-sale basis. This means that the affiliate only receives a commission if he has also generated a sale.

Other forms of commission include pay-per-lead (PPL) and pay-per-click (PPC). PPL = remuneration z. Eg per generated newsletter entry, PPL = compensation per click on the placed advertising material.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the use of affiliate programs.

The merchant (product provider) provides the products / services to be advertised, the affiliate (the one who recommends and receives a commission for these products) applies them.

Between Merchant and Affiliate is usually an interface partner network operator such. Zanox, Belboon or Superclix in between. These partner program networks provide the advertising material and take care of billing (payment of affiliates).

Affiliate networks

(Also called affiliate program networks.)

The interface between merchants and affiliates. They require a one-time registration and usually an activation for the offered partner programs.

Some of the most popular affiliate networks include: Zanox, Belboon, Superclix, Affilinet, Affiliworld, Tradedoubler, Clickbank *, Digibank24 *, and Share-it * (Digital River).

* The latter three are not affiliate networks, but offer all-inclusive solutions for product providers, including an internal affiliate marketing solution.


The AIDA formula is known among copywriters. According to her scheme, copywriting will be established. The letters stand for the following:

A = attention
I = interest
D = desire
A = action

Near the scheme of AIDA promotional texts are written.


Amazon is an online mail order company. Online marketers value Amazon because of its profitable affiliate program, which allows affiliates to recommend all goods that Amazon offers.

In addition to the online store, Amazon also offers cloud services and email delivery services.

A backlink is a link on an external website pointing to your own website. There are do-follow and no-follow links. Backlinks of websites with a high page and domain authority, also relevant to their own offers, have a positive effect on the positioning of own website content in the search engine results.

A banner is an (animated) image that contains advertising. The best converting banner formats are 336×280, 468×60 and 120×600 pixels.

Google Adsense offers z. For example, Responsive Banner, which then displays different banners with individual sizes depending on the visitor’s device used.

Due to the increasing popularity of banner blockers and banner blindness of visitors, it is advisable to rely on simple text links and cloak them if necessary.


A search engine that operates Microsoft. It is similar to Google, but uses a different search algorithm, which is why Bing displays results other than Eg Google.

Bing allows (as does Google) to serve ads on the search results pages. Payment is per click.

For German-speaking countries Bing is hardly worth mentioning due to the market dominance of Google. Nevertheless, Bing is also great for running ads (Bing Ads) on specific keywords, similar to Adwords.

Black Hat SEO

Non-Google-compliant methods to show your own web page high in search results.

Black Hat methods are usually very useful in the short term, in the long term (when the techniques have become known) Black Hat strategies lead to a massive devaluation of the website in the rankings of the search engines.

Unlike black hat, there are also white hat SEO measures. These are more expensive than black hat strategies, but have a long-term positive impact on search engine rankings.


Running a blog (original name: weblog) is very popular today. The most widely used blog CMS system is WordPress.

Blogs can now be used with the right designs for almost any purpose on a home or business website.

  • Themed blogs (great for niche sites), Personal Blog
  • Company appearances, corporate blogs (eg:…)
  • Lead and sales pages (digital products, information pages for apps)
  • Member pages (successively unlocked content for subscriptions, different levels of memberships, integration of a forum)

For WordPress, there are also thousands of plugins, free and paid, with which the functionality can be further increased.

60% of all websites today are powered by WordPress.


With a browser one calls up web pages. The most popular browsers are:

  • Chrome (Google), standard Android browser
  • Safari (Apple), standard iOS browser
  • Firefox (open source)
  • Windows Explorer (Microsoft)

Due to the proliferation of mobile devices and tablets, it is not recommended to rely on Flash content.


Clickbank is an American company that sells many digital products.

People sign up for Clickbank with their products and place it on the marketplace. Now all affiliates see it and can promote this product, for which they receive a commission.

The advantage of using Clickbank is that Clickbank handles both payment and commission payments to affiliates. In return, Clickbank takes about 10% of sales as fees.

A more than good alternative to Clickbank for German-language products, events and services is Digistore24 .


CMS systems ( C ontent- M anagement S ystems, web software to manage the content of a web page) allow you to create very quickly and manage content.

In the online marketing area are commonly used CMS systems: WordPress (create blog), Joomla / Drupal (communities) and Typo3 (website design).


Content is the content that a web page contains.

Conversion rate

The conversion rate indicates how many interested parties sign up (out of 100) in a newsletter or how many people (out of 100) buy a product. The conversion rate is expressed as a percentage.

Example calculation:

Visitors to a website: 1,000
buyers: 150
conversion rate = 15%.


Cookies are tiny files that the Web browser of Web pages contains and manages. Cookies serve z. For example, to recognize repeat visitors to a webpage.

In affiliate marketing, they are used to allocate commissions from a banner click to a particular affiliate. In this case we speak of cookie tracking.


Also known as “Open Directory Project” is a huge web directory.

All entries received here are entered manually and not every proposed website for a new entry is included.

The search engine Google evaluates a DMOZ entry positive. This leads to a better ranking of the page in the search results.


External links are usually issued with a do-follow attribute. A website that links to another website via a do-follow link increases the link popularity of the linked page. The opposite is a no-follow link, which is often used for advertising and affiliate links.

  • Do-Follow Link:
    <a href=””> Example </a>
  • No-follow link:
    <a href = “”rel = “nofollow”> Example code


A domain is the address under which a website can be reached, eg. B. ( would be the domain here.) It refers to an IP address under which the respective Internet address can be reached.

Depending on the domain ending, domains cost between 5 and 100 euros per year – for the best-known endings (.de, .com, .net, .org) it is 5-20 euros per year. The billing takes place annually. If the domain is terminated, it will be available to everyone for re-registration.

Domains can be transferred from one provider to another. Frequently domains are ordered together with the hosting and run by the same provider. It is not necessary, domains can also be forwarded to any server.

Domains can also be resold, eg. Through sales platforms like Se do .

Double Optin

The Double-Optin is a legally required step in collecting e-mail addresses.

The Double-Optin ensures that people who subscribe to an e-mail newsletter must first confirm this entry. For this, the e-mail marketing provider sends a one-time confirmation e-mail to the recipient of the e-mail address. If this confirms this e-mail, the e-mail address is considered confirmed.

E-mail newsletters can now be sent to them. It does not work beforehand.

The opposite of the Double-Optin is the Single-Optin. This is legally (in Germany) not allowed.

Drop shipping

Drop Shipping means that you can sell goods to customers without storing them and having to do something with logistics. You only accept the order and forward it to the dropshipping provider. This sends the goods to the customer and takes over all logistical processes, as well as partly the billing and is also the contact person for warranty cases.

Duplicate Content

“Duplicate Content” is when a content from a web page on a second page copied 1: 1 published. Duplicate content has a negative effect on the SEO rankings (the ranking of your own page in the search engines).


An electronic text file formatted in PDF or ePub format. E-books stand for digital books. Every computer and every smartphone or tablet today can display PDF files.


Designates the electronic processing of customer purchases (B2B, B2C). From the online shop to payment processing.

E-mail marketing

“E-mail marketing” means the commercial sending of e-mails. Objectives of e-mail marketing are z. B. – the regular presentation of offers, building trust and customer loyalty. Frequently used e-mail marketing providers in German-speaking countries are z. For example, CleverReach , GetResponse, and Click Tip .

Feed Shipowner (RSS)

Most websites offer an RSS feed listing the latest articles. The task of the feed reader is to prepare these contributions and to display them in an overview. For the feed reader to work, you must first add the RSS feed to the respective page in the feed reader.

There are special RSS reader apps for smartphones and tablets.

Follow-Up (Autoresponder)

An autoresponder is usually part of an internet marketing service provider like GetResponse or Click Tip.

An autoresponder sends pre-made e-mails (so-called “follow-ups”) to a sender who has previously entered himself into an e-mail distribution list with his e-mail address. The delivery follows 100% automated. Adjustable z. B. shipping time and shipping day.

Online marketers usually associate an entry in an autoresponder with a gift, a so-called freebie, which serves as a lure for an entry in the e-mail distribution list.


Is used as a lure to z. B.

  • To get visitors to share a post.
  • Interested parties to subscribe to the newsletter.

The most popular freebies include:

  • Price discounts (online shops)
  • Content excerpts (sales pages)
  • E-books, videos or e-mail courses (websites)


Gmail is a free email reception and delivery service provided by Google. G-Mail offers a lot of filtering and configuration options and is the best free email service provider in my opinion.


The company Google offers numerous programs, websites and service tools in the online area. z. These include, for example, the search engine Google, the video portal Youtube, the social media portal Google+, the map service Google Maps, the website analysis tool Google Analytics and many more


All web pages are based on HTML and often use PHP, CSS and Javascript. HTML files can be created and edited with any text editor.

Internet Marketing

The marketing of products or services via the Internet. Has gained in importance in recent years. Especially worthwhile for smaller companies with limited budget, as it enables target group-focused advertising.


An open source CMS system that you can use to create your website.


In online marketing, this usually means submitting an order form, placing an order in an online store or purchasing a digital information product, processed via Clickbank, ShareIT, Digistore24 or Paypal.

Landing Page

Landing page is a website under which the visitor is supposed to perform a specific action.

They are specially optimized for the best possible use (conversion) of traffic from a particular source. Online marketers use z. For example, for Adwords ads, landing pages that the visitor lands on after clicking on the ad.

The landing page may, for example, contain a sales text and including an order button or a so-called squeeze page, which serves to get to the e-mail address of the interested party.


A lead is understood to mean the visitor to a website who has left his contact details there, in which B. subscribed to the newsletter.

Long Tail (Keyword)

A word from the SEO jargon. Long tail refers to search engine optimization for terms that are longer than short main keywords. They include several words in a row.

Long tail keyword optimization also helps with SEO optimization for normal, shorter keywords that are related to the LongTail keyword.

Micro Payment

The integration of payment systems that make it possible – by SMS or telephone – to bill small amounts.

Mobile Marketing

Means to carry out targeted marketing measures for mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Marketing for apps is also part of this.


External links that are invalidated and do not pass link power to the linked site. To build up backlinks, a mix between do-follow and no-follow links should be chosen.

No-follow links differ from do-follow links only with the additional “nofollow” link attribute:

  • Do-Follow Link:
    <a href=””> Text </a>
  • No-Follow-Link:
    <a href = “”rel = “nofollow”> Text </a>

Off-page optimization (SEO)

SEO measures that are carried out to optimize a website for the search engines. These are measures and optimizations on external websites.

On-page optimization (SEO)

SEO measures, which are carried out on the own website, in order to optimize them better for the search engines and thus to achieve better placements.


Represents that a visitor to the website has subscribed to the e-mail newsletter. The opposite is the opt-out. (see next point)

See also:


The opt-out signifies that a newsletter subscriber has withdrawn from the e-mail distribution list.

For some software solutions Opt-Outs can have their own landing page. It gives you the opportunity to offer your former subscribers one last time or offer them to order a more irregular newsletter if they overdo the emails that are sent frequently every day.

Pay per Click (PPC)

(Shorthand: PPC – stands for billing per click on an ad)

Represents a billing form for affiliate programs, or the billing form of z. Eg Adwords ads. This is also referred to as PPC marketing.

The value you pay for is also known as CPC (cost-per-click).

PPC marketing is one of the most effective traffic strategies.

Pay per Lead (PPL)

The billing per generated user action (eg the entry in a newsletter) after clicking on an ad.

This word can be found as a form of compensation for affiliate programs, often at sweepstakes, which collects personal information.

Pay per Sale (PPS)

Billing per mediated sale after clicking on an ad.

PPS is the most common form of billing for affiliate programs because it does not preempt operators. The affiliate earns something when sales have been generated through his marketing activities.


A form of advertising in which an advertising window is displayed above the actually accessed website.

Today, most browsers block such pop-ups or at least offer such a possibility, which has largely replaced this form of advertising with layer ads today.

For layer ads, the ad is placed inside the web page as a frame over the actual content. This form of advertising can not be blocked by Popup Blocker.


Same as a pop-up, except that the ad will be displayed in a window below the page you’re looking at, and will not be visible until the actual page is closed. Popup blockers also block pop-unders.

Pop-Unders are hardly used today.


The source text is the raw text of a web page. The browser allows you to display the source code via the menu bar or by right-clicking on “Display page source text” on the respective page visited.


A term from the SEO field.

The ranking refers to the rank of a website (indicated in places, eg # 1 on Google) that it has when searching for a keyword on Google or Bing.


Refers to the reopening of the sale of a product that has not been sold for a long time or has been improved and is offered for sale again.


“Responsive” indicates whether a webpage has a mobile and tablet-friendly appearance.

If a website is “responsive”, it adapts automatically depending on the screen size and the device (eg 4: 3 PC, 16: 9 PC, tablet, smartphone) so that the content – regardless of which device – looks good and the usability (ease of use) is guaranteed.


In contrast to Double-Optin is the use of single-optin for e-mail marketing purposes, eg. For example, for the registration of subscribers in an e-mail distribution list, not permitted in Germany.


Sending or receiving unwanted information. For example. unsolicited commercial e-mails (so-called spam e-mails) or contentless, irrelevant comments (spam comments).

It’s a good idea to mark, delete and not open spam-suspicious messages as spam directly.

search engines

Search engines make it possible for the Internet to search for information quickly and purposefully. The first search result page shows the most relevant and best results. Any marketer who optimizes his articles for the search engines will try to get his articles on the first Google search results page (preferably in one of the top 3 places), as these search results have the highest clickthrough rate.

For research purposes, it is recommended to type in similar search terms and to follow external links on the respective websites visited.


S earch- E ngine- M arketing (dt. Search engine marketing) means that ads such. B. Google Adwords, and these appear as ads in the search results for the respective specified term.

Billing takes place either per click or per achieved conversion, eg an entry in the newsletter distribution list.

The cost per click varies depending on the keyword. For much sought after, profitable keywords, such as “life insurance” are sometimes due amounts of 10 € per click.


S earch- E ngine- O ptimization (dt. Search engine optimization) means that it optimizes its website for search engines like Google.

This causes it to appear as high as possible in the search results.


One follows the click activities of its visitors. For example, you can find out how many visitors have opened a newsletter, clicked on links and ordered something.

A well-known, free tracking tool is Google Analytics.


A social media network that allows you to post SMS-long posts. You can follow other people on Twitter to read their posts and get in touch with them.

Unique content

“Unique Content” means content that has not been published anywhere else in this form. Unique content is crucial when it comes to reaching the top of search engine rankings.

Video Marketing

Due to the high range, the marketing on YouTube is primarily known here. But also videos have great advantages compared to the pure text form with pictures and graphics.

Videos convey more sensory impressions. The text is just a sensation. Seeing. The video is seeing and hearing. Add to that the possibility to use music and to work with your own voice.

Videos make it easier to express emotions.

When video marketing, it may seem like everything is happening right in front of our nose – as if we were live. For application comes the z. For example, the webinar software provider  Webinaris , with which automated webinars can be organized.

Advertising Materials

Advertising material is created to arouse curiosity. Everything else must then meet the linked page. Depending on the advertising material, the linked page should also be tailored to the target group.

For affiliates, it may be useful to create your own advertising or to text links. Users are increasingly masking banner ads, so they are less perceived.

The most frequently used advertising materials include:

  • E-mail texts, e-mail series and subject templates
  • Social media sharing templates
  • Banners in all popular sizes
  • Banners for different target groups
  • Pre-made articles for bloggers
  • Logo templates (JPEG and transparent PNG files)
  • Press releases
  • Product Screenshots
  • presentation videos


An XML sitemap is a file that makes it easier for search engines to find and index the pages of a web page. For example, there is an XML-sitemap plug-in for WordPress, which automatically creates this file and automatically updates it for changes (publication of new posts, editing of old posts).

target group

The target group is the group of people you want to address with your website or sales page.

Often you define your target group by the following factors:

  • gender
  • Older
  • literacy
  • income
  • place of residence
  • linguistic proficiency
  • Interests
  • relationship status

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