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Price: definition, translation

Price: definition, translation

Price: definition, translation

Definition of the word Price

Price refers to the value of a good or service usually expressed in monetary units. This is the value that an individual is willing to disburse in exchange for the sale of a good or service. The price is thus a reflection of the balance between supply and demand. When supply is important, the price is very often lower and vice versa. Pricing is linked to scarcity, availability of the good or service, and demand.

The more rare a property is, the higher its price and vice versa. There are different kinds of prices: the purchase price, the selling price, the cost price and the transfer price. The price can be determined according to price indices such as the consumer price index, the stock market indices, the, the rent reference index or the production cost index.

Translation of the word Price in English

What is the price of this necklace?
What is the price of this necklace?

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