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When writing sales pages, we naturally tend to write in a way that is … AWAY to be the best. Yes, without realizing it, we make mistakes . And yet, in web writing as in any other field, there are rules to follow for writing an effective sales page. 

Of course, some of these rules change over time because mentalities differ and it is more and more difficult to keep the attention of readers … But some rules do not change, and certainly will never change. Here are a few :

Avoid jargon

Each domain has specific keywords that are not necessarily very understandable when you are a beginner. And yet, some people use these incomprehensible words with shovels! Contrary to what these people may think, it will not impress the reader. It’s just going to annoy and discourage them. But most importantly, it will make you lose a potential customer. Too bad?

Do not forget: Use simple words and phrases to read. Your reader should never have to stop reading to find a definition. Otherwise, forget it because … This prospect is lost. You must adapt to your prospects.

Your prospects are beginners? So use simple vocabulary and explain everything you need so that it can instantly understand everything you say.

Your prospects are professionals? So adapt and use their vocabulary. Specific vocabulary and specific to their field.

Avoid negative sentences

As a general rule, writing in positive form has  a much more powerful impact on your prospects. But it depends on what you write and especially for whom you write it. Here are some small examples for you to be clearer:

  • Negative: “He did not leave the house”
  • Positive: “He stayed in the house”
  • Negative: “It will not cost you a dime”
  • Positive: “It will be totally free to you”
  • Negative: “He was not present at the time of the show”
  • Positive: “He was elsewhere at the time of the show”

So, what do you think ? What touches you the most?

Avoid big cobblestones

I recently saw articles containing only one paragraph of 60 to 70 lines …

  • Is it readable? Of course not !
  • Does it make you want to read it? Not at all !

And that’s why I did not read them. However, these articles could have contained the best information in the world … But unfortunately they were not highlighted. Okay, so here as you see it’s an extreme situation because there was strictly no line breaking. But you really have to think of writing small paragraphs as airy as possible. You see ? When you write a long paragraph, it becomes much harder to read and much less welcoming. But above all, he gives much less desire. Do not you think? And again … There can be a lot worse!

The best thing would be for each of your paragraphs to make a maximum of 4 to 5 lines . Yes, because the more short and airy your paragraphs are, the more likely your readers will read you.

Avoid clichés

There are many sentences that have been said and repeated over many years. And these sentences there, have become totally clichés. For example, when I’m talking to you right now, I’m thinking more specifically about the phrase “Time is money” or “Satisfied or reimbursed”.

These sentences have been said countless times and surely have almost no impact on your prospects. It’s almost as if some of these “cliché” phrases totally repel some of your potential customers.  Because they do not give more confidence,  on the contrary … Why? Well, because:

  1. Your prospects may have had a bad experience related to this sentence and therefore bad memories may come back
  2. Some of these clichés today face many prejudices and are frowned upon

That’s why in my opinion, you should rather try to put forward your personality. Avoid clichés and show yourself! Be human and look friendly to your prospects. This is the key that will allow you to sell your products … Be authentic!

Avoid long sentences

The longer your sentences are, the harder it will be to follow you. And do not forget that simplicity is the most important!

When we read, we find it easier to remember simple and short sentences. And between us … We must admit that it is also more pleasant. This is why it is important to avoid long sentences. Because ALL is played with a word. If your sentence is too long and your reader can not keep up, then he will get tired of your text … And from there, you will have lost it.

The best is  to vary the size of your sentences. Writing a short sentence and then a longer sentence does not tire the reader by varying the form of his sentences. Because it is disadvised that your sentences are too long. But you must not write short sentences either. Otherwise the reading will become bland and unpleasant. Let’s say we need a happy medium. You see what I mean ?

And now for these 5 mistakes … Now, I would like to add a last little advice …

Yes, a tip that remains extremely important in your sales pages:

Vary your text

What do I mean by that? And quite simply that it is more pleasant to read a text containing interrogative, exclamatory sentences and dialogues … Rather than read a text containing only affirmative sentences.

Make your text live! Make varying each of your sentences  for reading your texts are fluid and enjoyable.

Take the picture of a river … Do you agree with me, the water flows to the sea, right? Yes ? And your texts must be similar. They must read themselves!

Make sure your text runs until the reader reaches the sea. Do your readers read your page to the end? So it’s won, you’ve definitely sold your product / service.

In conclusion if there are three things that must be remembered for your texts is that they must be:

Simple, pleasant and authentic


Be aware that these mistakes and tips usually work for all types of web writing … Whether it’s for sales pages, blog posts, product listings, emails and more …

Anyway, now you know these 5 mistakes … Did you do one?

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