How to generate revenue through its website?


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How to generate revenue through its website?

This somewhat catchy title allows me to address a topic that interests many people on the Web: how to make money through a website. Fashion bloggers are widely quoted when it comes to blog as a source of income, the best known can earn up to 35,000 euros per year as revealed by the Obs.

These figures encourage more and more people to create their own site, thinking to live without really knowing how SEO and partnerships. Because, and this is one of the first things to understand, a site will only earn money if it is sufficiently visible. Do not expect to be able to live on it, rather see it as a supplement of income. Finally, generating money through your site requires time, dedication and consistency. Now that you have been warned, let’s get down to the practice.

Set up a sales platform for products or services

The best way to generate money through his blog is to offer his own products or services to his readers. Of course, these must be consistent with the subject and style of the blog. You can create an e-commerce page to sell your creations, prepare an e-book or training online. Even if this monetization technique requires a lot of time and a thorough knowledge of the subject covered, once completed, you just have to offer the product on your site. As there is no intermediary between the user and you, you withdraw 100% of profits. However, you must already have a solid base of readers for this method to become profitable.

Monetize your site thanks to the affiliation

Affiliation is widely acclaimed by website owners but what exactly is this? To put it simply, there are three people involved: the advertiser who pays the affiliate when he brings back customers. Once an affiliate program is set up, all you have to do is place on your site texts and banners provided by the advertiser. To be sure to reach a maximum of readers, the choice of partners must be relevant. Of companies specializing in affiliate as make it easy to load and connect you with partners who match your expectations. Again, for this monetization technique to be effective, your blog must attract a significant number of readers.


For brands, your blog is synonymous with advertising insert so much to enjoy to round off the ends of the month and pay the costs of owning a site. With Google’s Adsense , you can create inserts on your blog that will show ads in agreement with your audience. To see which locations earn you the most, the best is to do A / B testing. But be careful not to abuse these ads, especially if you just start your business, at the risk of running away from your readership, and therefore your source of income. Finally, be aware that this method is the one that generates the least benefit since paid to the CPC (cost per click).

With a little perseverance and training, your blog can quickly become profitable. Then all you have to do is apply my SEO tips to expand your readership and generate even more revenue.

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