Are partner programs worth 200 euros (+) per sale?


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Usually not.

The higher the commissions, the more difficult the sale. Often z. B. mobile operators such high commissions for the mediation of 2-year contracts.

Why is the commission so high?

Because it is very difficult to win someone for such a contract. Most of them already have a mobile phone contract, extend it regularly or stay with prepaid offers.

Note :

It does not count the amount of the commission, but the amount of commission per 100 visitors who have been directed to a foreign website.

The lower invoice explains the correctness of this statement:

↓ expiration

Prepaid contract favorable contract expensive contract
Clicks on the advertising material




Commission per sale

10,00 €

35,00 €

150.00 €

Conversion rate

15 %

3.5 %

0.5 %

Earned commission

1500,00 €

1.225,00 €

750,00 €

Commission per 100 visitors


122 50 €


Revenue per click

1,50 €

€ 1.23

0,75 €

The placement of the prepaid contract, at first sight, generates less money than one of the two contracts. The bottom line is that the higher conversion rates mean that revenue per click for the cheapest deal is still the highest.

In practice, the difference is even greater, as more people will see a cheaper deal than an expensive one.

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