How do I structure an affiliate page?


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You take your readers from the general to the special. For this you need information pages that cover the topic.

In addition, you create targeted pages that are geared to product recommendations.

From the general pages you guide the readers through links to more targeted pages, which then finally ensure the conversion. This can z. For example, a table may be presented in which various similar products are presented.

Your task as an affiliate is not to sell, but to supplement the product information and explain to the reader, for example, the operation, advantages and disadvantages and experience with the product.

Imagine it like in a shop. The visitor gets informed if he wants to do something specific. This information transfer you take over with your affiliate page. Afterwards, the visitor decides whether to buy or leave.

Create helpful content around your advertising content. This helps you to achieve a better positioning in the search engines and your website makes a more trustworthy impression.

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