What is the private key?


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What is the private key?

The Bitcoin private key is a 256-bit number that could be encoded in different formats depending on the portfolio used. These formats include sets of numbers generated in random order and characters that vary in number of digits.
Hex format 1E99423A4ED27608A15A2616A2B0E9E52CED330AC530EDCC32C8FFC6A526AEDD
WIF format 5J3mBbAH58CpQ3Y5RNJpUKPE62SQ5tfcvU2JpbnkeyhfsYB1Jcn
WIF-compressed compressed KxFC1jmwwCoACiCAWZ3eXa96mBM6tb3TYzGmf6YwgdGWZgawvrtJ
All of these formats represent the same private key even though they look very different, but any format can easily be converted to another format.
The private key plays a central role in the ownership and control of your portfolio and bitcoins or other digital currencies. Only with the private key, this corresponds to your public key (Bitcoin address), you can unblock your funds or make a valid transaction to another person.
The private key must be secure at all times. Revelation to third parties is equivalent to giving your funds to the first stranger who wants to take them. Private keys must be saved in a secure place, because if you lose your private key, it can not be recovered in any way and your funds will be out of range.
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