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Affiliation: definition, translation and synonyms

Affiliation: definition, translation and synonyms

Affiliation: definition, translation and synonyms

Definition of the word Affiliation

The affiliate internet or e-affiliate is a marketing technique of promoting the Internet, a brand, a product or a website, through banners placed on publisher sites, called affiliates.
The affiliate Internet allows publishers pay sites that display banners in exchange for the number of user clicks on these banners, to redirect their visitors to the merchant site, the address harvesting e-mail online registration, or the number of sales made through affiliate site postings. This is the Amazon merchant site that introduced the affiliate technique on the Internet from 1996, to increase the traffic on its site and at the same time its turnover.

Translation of the word Affiliation in English

Affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing is an online promotional technique that deals with remunerates its selected publisher (or affiliate).
The affiliate internet promotional technique is a line through which a seller pays the publisher (or affiliate) based on the number of clicks obtained for the displayed advertising banners.

Synonym (s) of the word Affiliation


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