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E-mail marketing tips for high opening and conversion rates

E-mail marketing tips for high opening and conversion rates

E-mail marketing tips for high opening and conversion rates

In this post, I’ve put together tips that can greatly improve your email marketing.

Table of Contents

There are two types of lists
a. prospect lists
b. customer lists
Usual product offers
The starter offer
Frequently selected product types
Further offers
Frequently selected offer types
Individual offers
Frequently selected offer formats
Usual distribution lists
Achieve high opening rates
Lists and enumerations
Save up
Reactivate inactive subscribers
The choice of the first 60 characters
product sales
Why in the mail short?
Preparing for the sale
building trust
Focus, focus, focus

First of all, you have to think about how many e-mail lists, ie follow-up autoresponders and newsletter distributors you need.

There are two types of lists

a. prospect lists

Interested parties who register in the mailing list via the website will receive further information. This builds trust and ultimately tries to get those interested to buy their own products or services. However, if the interested parties do not buy after a certain number of e-mails, they can be moved to a separate distribution list, which can be B. stronger triggers uses (such as scarcity) or where more affiliate offers are promoted.

b. customer lists

For Customerthere is a separate distributor. Depending on which product someone has bought, it ends up in a product-specific distributor. For e-mail marketing solutions that work with “tags” instead of lists, you create an appropriate “tag”.

The customer distributor is about strengthening customer loyalty through value-added content. This strengthens the own expert status and ensures consistently high opening and click rates of the emails.

In order to set up e-mail campaigns, the consideration of which products you want to distribute comes.

Usual product offers

1.The starter offer

A product for new customers. The following features distinguish an entry-level offer.

1. A cheap price

It costs between 5 and 50 euros and serves primarily to finance new leads and not the profit.

2. A high customer satisfaction

The goal is to exceed customer expectations. It is the first product the customer buys and decides whether to buy more products later.

3. An upsell offer

Wherever possible, after the purchase you can add an additional sale that offers the customer an even better user experience.

  • Buyers of the product end up in Buyer List 1 (see below)

4.A gift for non-buyers

The majority of visitors to a sales page do not buy the product. Nevertheless, one can try to get these non-buyers by a free subscription to sign up with their mail address in the mailing list.

  • The new prospects land in list of interested parties 1 (see below)

Frequently selected product types


The e-book aims to guide the reader to the desired goal. It conveys knowledge and shows concrete procedures.

video Courses

With video lessons you show the customer every single step that needs to be done. They have a higher perceived value, so you can sell them more expensive than z. An e-book.

Audio Books

Audiobooks bring flexibility to the customer. He can consume the content wherever he is. At home on the couch, in the car or traveling by plane.

physical products

Whether book, CD or DVD course. You can take these products in your hands and they give you a higher value than digital products.

  • The scope of support should depend on the purchase price of the products.
2.Further offers

These offers are linked to the introductory offers. They continue to take the customer by the hand. The following features distinguish these offers:

1. Recommendation through newsletter advertising

Further offers are sent to matching prospect and buyer lists.

  • Buyers of the product end up in Buyer List 1 (see below)

2. Higher prices

With these products you get the first profits. At high prices, the possibility of installment is recommended. With subscription models, you can offer an annual or 2-year payment option with attractive discounts.

3. Upsells

In addition to the normal scope you can offer optional features as an Upsell.

  • Members should also be able to buy Upsells with hindsight.

4. Downsells

Non-buyers can make a cheaper offer by limiting the content or support scope.

  • Buyers of the product end up in Buyer List 2 (see below)

Frequently selected offer types

Seminars and events

Here, not only is personal knowledge imparted, but there is also the opportunity to socialize and exchange ideas.


Webinars can be viewed from anywhere in the world. It is just as convenient for the participants. It also saves you long journey times.

members areas

Member areas can be used to provide a better user experience for their customers. So you can z. B. supplement a video course with a member forum.

Telephone or Skype consultations

In direct customer contact you can help your target group faster and more targeted.

3.Individual offers

Here one deals individually with each customer individually. They are therefore also the most expensive offers, because they are the least automated.

Frequently selected offer formats


Once or permanently over a longer period.

On-site consultations

Individual solutions through personal consultation on site.

Done-for-you packages

Individual complete solutions at fixed prices.

  • Buyers of these individual products end up in Buyer List 3 (see below)

Usual distribution lists

Product 1: Entry-level offers, Product 2: Additional offers, Product 3: Individual offers

  • Interested parties who have never bought
  • High-content e-mails, ie free added value
  • Advertising for “Product 1” and “Product 2”
  • Limited time special offers
  • At conversion:
    • Shift in other distributors
    • Add a tag
    • Distance from “List of interested parties 1”
  • With no conversion:
    • stronger triggers
    • also increases affiliate offer


    • Customers who have already purchased strong content emails (free value added)

      Advertising for complementary products Advertising for relevant affiliate offers


      Advertisement for “Product 2” and “Product 3” For Conversion: Shift in other distribution Add a tag

  • Strong emails (free value added)
    Advertising for complementary
    Products advertising relevant
    Affiliate Offers
    Advertising for “Product 3”
    At conversion: Shift in others
    Distributor Add a tag
     Advertising for complementary products
    Advertising for relevant affiliate offers

Achieve high opening rates

How do you achieve high opening rates? With a successful subject.

Numerous conversion-strong templates, sorted by category, I have listed here.

  • {…} means: insert your own text here
  • {First name} means: insert here the name of the recipient

Lists and enumerations

  • [PDF] {…}
    [PDF] 20 templates for strong conversion email subject
  • The x Secrets of the {…}
    The 7 Secrets of Successful Copywriters
  • The x biggest mistakes in (m) {…}
    The 3 biggest mistakes in losing weight
  • x strategies for {…}
    10 strategies for better time management
  • x proven ways to learn about […]
    20 proven ways to promote your website
  • x Mistakes to avoid with (m) {…}
    7 mistakes to avoid when cooking
  • x Tricks: How to find out what {
    7 } tricks: How to find the expectations of your target audience
  • x Reasons Why {…}
    7 Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing
  • 3 {…} from the {subject area}, your {…}
    3 rhetoric tips to make you a better speaker
  • x Success Secrets of {…}
    6 Success Secrets of Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • x real references speak a clear language
  • Video: The 3 {…}
    Video: The 3 Easiest Ways for More Newsletter Subscribers


  • [Only today] {…}
  • [Special offer] {…}
  • [Today’s last chance] {…}
  • [From & By] {…} ends today!
  • Still x day (s) and y Euro save
    1 day and save 100 euros
  • The hunt for the few places starts!
  • Last admonition … otherwise you have to {…}
  • {First name}, Do not miss this!
  • [{Product name}] Only 5 seats left
  • Do not miss: {…}


  • Important {first name}, that’s for you
  • [Extra Special Deal] {…}
  • Seminar ticket for you [free of charge]
  • Are you one of the 10% who {…}?
  • For you: Free video training for more {…}
  • What you should not know …

Save up

  • Now win 1 in 10 tickets for {…}
  • Your discount code is {…}
    Your discount code is Sparen25
  • [Sweepstakes] What is {…}?
  • {First Name}, The Promised Offer – Save 100 Euro


  • A dubious offer?
  • totally crazy
  • Totally wrong (but important!)


  • [New Video] Enthusiastic Customer Voices
  • [Incredible] That’s getting rid of my socks
  • Premiere – Your personal {…}
  • [Premiere] Exclusive and live with me I present {…}
  • Have you ever thought about it?
  • Experience with {…}
  • Please read that
  • {First given name?}
  • Personal gift from {…}
  • This is all too much for me …
  • For you: Free video training for more {…}
  • Do you have the courage?
  • I like to share that!
  • New Year, new {…}
  • Are you in? {…}
  • Thank you!


  • [New blog article] {…}
    [New blog article] Efficient email marketing with highly effective emails
  • [Video revealed] {…}
  • How to achieve {what} in {time}
    How to generate 100 leads in 30 days
  • {Goal} – Step by step, even for beginners Make
    money with Amazon – step by step, even for beginners
  • [Definitely not read]
  • [Video] Out of nowhere {…}
  • Exciting: What does {…} have to do with {…}?
  • Aw: New lecture with {speakers} and TOP speakers
  • [Surprise!] Now choose your free surprise
  • [Infographic] {topic} The 15 steps
  • All-in-one solution for {…}
  • Like you now {…}
  • Most are already …
  • Get valuable information

Reactivate inactive subscribers

Subscribers who have not opened any of the email messages for some time should be sent a final reactivation email before they are finally deleted from the mailing list or moved to a dedicated mailing list.

This mail template is suitable for this:


  • Attention {first name} – please open or you will be removed from my list!

E-mail message:

  • Should I take you out?

The choice of the first 60 characters

The first 60 characters of the e-mail text appear in the popular e-mail programs directly after the subject. Even if the e-mail has not been opened.

Therefore, it is important not only to optimize the subject, but also the first words of the e-mail. You can also combine both well.

Mail preview in GMail


The actual text depends on what you want to achieve with the e-mail.

  • Sell ​​a product or service or promote as an affiliate.
  • Gain the confidence of its new subscribers.

Let’s take a closer look at the 2 goals.

1.product sales

If you want someone to buy a product or attend a seminar, you keep the e-mail short. You get straight to the point and say what you have to offer. 2 paragraphs can be enough. Then you put the link to the offer page.

On the supply side you go further into detail and describes in detail what it is about.

Why in the mail short?

The e-mail should arouse the interest to look at the offer. You get the e-mail “the foot in the door”. The recipient clicks on the link. That’s the goal of the email.

The page to which one links, takes over from there on all other tasks. She informs and takes care of the conversion.

If a foreign website is designed only for sale and prepares the reader too little on the offer, it makes sense to interpose a separate page.

The procedure then looks like this:

 1. The e-mail arouses the interest

The linking in the e-mail leads to the own web page, z. For example, a blog article.

 2. The own website

It contains further information and finally links to the supply page.

 3. The supply page

She takes care of the conversion.

Preparing for the sale

If you want to promote a product, you can prepare its readers in a 3-part mailing series on it.

1. E-Mail: Identify problems and arouse curiosity

Argue why one necessarily needs a solution to this problem. Bring factual arguments. Point out that the next (tomorrow’s) e-mail addresses the problem solving.

  • No links to the sales page.

2. E-Mail: Show advantages of problem solving

Show what the benefits would be if you could solve the problem in one go. At the end of the e-mails you can point to further information (the link to the sales page).

  • A subtle link to the sales page is allowed.

3. E-Mail: Product presentation and link to the sales page

Introduce the steps to solve the problem. You present the product and apply it with a clear call to action.

  • Place a link with an action request at the end of the e-mail.
  • Offer discount coupons. Arrives at the readers always good.
    You can already point that out in the e-mail. Once in the body of the mail and again at the end in PS.
2.building trust

Another way of doing it is to send a newsletter to gain the trust of its readers. This is especially useful if new prospects have registered and you send them the first e-mail messages via autoresponder.

Building trust is not about selling, but about communicating knowledge. You can do that either with very long, well-formatted emails – or – you link to a PDF or a blog post.

When transferring knowledge, remember: Do not write in a sales language. It’s about teaching, sharing, not conversions.

If you link to a PDF or a website, it is important to be brief. The focus of the email is to arouse interest and to make the reader open the file or look at the website.

Focus, focus, focus

Always try to be as focused as possible. These 3 tips help:

Only 1 link in the newsletter.

Several links only distract.

Only 1 topic.

For several topics, write several newsletters.

Repeat the core message in the PS.

Again put the link to click.


Through A / B tests (so-called split tests ) you can determine which subject and e-mail texts are best converted by your own target group. Every reputable email marketing provider offers split test options. Autoresponders can also be split by performing A / B tests on optin forms linked to different distribution lists. With click-tip autoresponder chip tests are integrated directly in the software.

Ultimately, email marketing remains something very individual. Everyone has their own target audience and addresses their readers differently. Instead of plain text emails, you can also send video messages. For this one takes z. For example, upload a video, upload it to YouTube, and then insert the preview image with a link to the video in the email.

Important questions about e-mail marketing in general are answered in the FAQ section .

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