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Spam words: words banned in a newsletter

Spam words: words banned in a newsletter

The main problem we can find in running an email marketing campaign is that our emails end up being classified as spam . It will determine the success of the campaign and the reading of information or offers we send to recipients or customers.

For this reason, we must be very careful in the design of each campaign and follow the basic tips to keep our emails in the Spam folder , including the use of a spam filter or stop spamming . send e-mails to people who have not asked.

However, the experience of GMK Unlimited tells us that the most important thing is to avoid using spam wordson the subject of our emails. Beyond avoiding capital letters , unstructured sentences , symbols or abusive punctuation , here is a selection of the main prohibited words in the subject of any e-mail :


Words that imply free Free, 100% free, free access, gift, full refund, free calls, free investment, free installation, free hosting, free money
Words that involve reduction best price, less than 50% , special promotion , for only discount , offer, compare prices eliminate your debt lowest price , lowest interest rate , why pay more ?
Words that induce purchase / action buy, buy directly we accept credit cards , click here , tap this link
Words related to recipient’s profit purpose make money, earn money, bonus money, additional income, credit, financing, earn, income, increase sales, full refund, cash prizes, huge profits, check / bank transfer, total profit, real profit
Words that express exaltation wonderful, amazing amazed , your eyes will not believe impressive values 
Words that create a sense of urgency urgent, now, do it now, call right now, apply now, enjoy today, can not live without, get now, do today, instant access, start today, once in life, what are you waiting for ?, make the decision now, time-limited, priority mail
Words to express trust no risk, no stuff, no hidden costs, 100% satisfied, seen on TV, quite natural, cancel at any time, to confidentiality, insurance, join millions of people, according to the laws, satisfaction guaranteed, it’s not spam, instant
Excessive customization for you , for you, dear friend, congratulations, congratulations you have been selected , you have won
Words related to sexuality or relationships sex, hot meet singles
Words related to drugs or drugs online pharmacy , medicine , viagra , vicodin, levitra, valium xanax, herbs, hormones, lose weight, spills age
Words involving employment benefits to be your own boss work from home, effective for your work
Words related to digital marketing online marketing more Internet traffic , direct marketing , email marketing new domain extensions
Other casino, do not delete strangers , copy DVDs

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  1. […] to using only one or two of them in the subject of your email. To know more go on GMK Press ( See the list ) which has a very good list of “spam […]

  2. […] to using only one or two of them in the subject of your email. To know more go on GMK Press ( See the list ) which has a very good list of “spam […]

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