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The AIDA formula and 20 tips for implementation

The AIDA formula and 20 tips for implementation

The AIDA formula and 20 tips for implementation

What is the AIDA formula?

The AIDA formula is an old, well-proven, practice-proven formula for creating effective advertising and sales texts.

  • A stands for Attention , for the awakening of theattention with the prospective customer.

    How do you attract attention? 
    – Write strong, gripping, emotional headlines
    – The same goes for sub-headings

  • I stands for interest , for the interest arouse for the product / service, the interested parties.

    How do you arouse the interest?
    Use story-telling: Tell stories. The following stories are often used:
    – Description of dissatisfaction and its effects, before buying a product
    – Describing a hopeless situation, before buying a product
    – Describing a laborious path that you had to go before, without the help of (…)
    – Describing effects, the consequences, if you use product (…)
    – Tell the story to an end and then summarize everything important (unique selling points, customer benefits).

  • D stands for Desire , for the desire , the desire of the interested party, on the respective product.

    How do you arouse a desire? 
    – List unique selling points and customer benefits
    – Insert customer opinions that emphasize what has changed positively
    – Prove that you are the expert and your customers only find the best solution for you
    – Use scripts on your websites, the price for z. B. Increase 30 minutes

  • A stands for action , the call to action , at the end of the advertising message or the advertising text.

    How do you create an effective call request? 
    – Get straight to the point. Use phrases like: “Save yourself now (…) for the price of (…). Order now.
    – Give free bonuses, all of which are priced. After that, you cancel out the total price and replace it with the actual price you really ask for.
    – Use limitations, eg. Eg “Only (…) copies available”, “Only available until (…)”

20 tips for implementation from practice

Some of the above information is also available in slightly modified form in other portals. What really sets this article apart are the following 20 tips on the AIDA formula.

6 tips for attracting attention

Use a red font for headings. Make sure your headlines are big enough.

  1. Use graphics : “A picture says more than 1,000 words.”
  2. Use short, concise, easy to understand sentences – without unnecessary technical terms.
  3. Split your headlines to find headlines that will convert as best you can.
  4. Use an address that suits your target audience . For example. for a young audience: “you”
  5. If you sell your products to different audiences, create your own individual salespage for each audience .

6 tips to wake up interest

  1. Let emotions into your texts, eg. Eg fear, despair, freedom, joy, hope, curiosity, envy, annoyance, sympathy
  2. Groove you zen images to reinforce the impact of your statements in the ad copy or sales video.
  3. Use text formatting : bold , italic , underlined , other color , capital letters (sparing), highlighted in yellow
  4. Structure your texts with subheadings , numbering and enumeration . This ensures that your visitors quickly recognize when you fly over the texts, if you are interested in a particular point.
  5. Make sure that all the important elements of your website are displayed equally well on all devices (PC – large screen, laptop – small screen, tablet, smartphone) .
  6. Use professional covers for digital products (eBooks, video courses, audiobooks)

4 tips to increase desire

  1. Unique selling points:
    Compare the size of your product with those of competitors.
  2. Customer Reviews:
    Add videos from people who have used or tested your product. You should also include test seals or product awards.
  3. Show Expert Status: If you’re a speaker, show where you’ve held lectures so far. If you have given interviews or guest articles for a well-known newspaper or magazine, also on television or radio, indicate the respective medium , eg. As the name of the congress, the newspaper or the TV station.
  4. Sales page scripts:
    – Make your customers a one-time offer that only applies when visiting your website for the first time.
    – Offer a special price to all those who buy from you within 30 minutes.
    – Before the visitor leaves your website, you offer him something popup by popup , eg. B. an eBook.

4 tips for designing a call to action

  1. You should use professional sales button. A split testhelps to find the best button or orient yourself by the buttons of the competition.
  2. When using a sales video , it may be useful to display the sales button at the end of the video . This prevents the customer from realizing prematurely that there is “only” something to buy here and that he leaves the website immediately.
  3. First mention a higher price and lower it afterwards: 
    Regular price: 97, – Euro. Introductory price – only for a short time – 37, – Euro. 
    In addition, you can use limits :
    “Only for a short time”, “Only until 31.01.”, “Only 5 more accounts available.”
  4. Offer test purchases :
    “Try our product for 1, – Euro.”
    You then charge the full price to the customer 30 days later, unless he notices in advance and withdraws from the purchase.

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